15 Most Stressful Android RPG Games 2017

Role game or Role Player Game (RPG) is one of the genres of the game that many interested gamers. RPG itself is a game that the players play the role of fictional figures and follow the story that the game is displayed. In the past, RPG games can only be played on PC or PlayStation, but over the times, today’s RPG games can be found easily in the Play Store to be played on Android.

Various stories and excitement are offered by RPG games that can be played on smartphones. Here’s Jaka has a recommendation of 15 RPG games thrill for Android that guaranteed to make you nyesel if not download!

1. War of Rings-Cross Server Battle
The first exciting, thrilling, and endearing RPG game you miss is War of Rings-Cross Server Battle. This game has many unique game modes and game systems like free weapon system, free trade system, strong social system and so on. This game takes place in the world of creatures like elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, and cyclopses.

2. King’s Raid
This great graphic game invites players to create their own team against the evil bosses and powerful enemies. Of course not easy to defeat enemies so much. Need skill and timeliness to win. With fantastic stories and challenging battles, this RPG game is perfect for true gamers.

3. Soulcraft Action RPG
Players will act as a soldier to get rid of the killers and rid the city of crime. In this thrilling action game, the player is as if an angel who must face the devil and become a hero on earth. MobileBits GmbH as the owner of this game continue to develop to increase the satisfaction of the players.

4. S.O.L: Stone of Life EX
Oddy Arts offers a stylish RPG game that can be played offline. Stone of Life EX puts players in an endless basement. There are unlimited challenges for various tense missions. Players are challenged to get high scores with different tactics and strategies. There will be many enemies to be faced like powerful giants with deadly weapons.

5. Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest is an RPG game from Shiny Box that brings players to journey to find the best treasure and defeat all enemies. Good graphic design complements the excitement of the battle to be faced. This game really tests the skills and tactics and strategies to achieve victory.

6. Eternium
Game of Making Fun offers games with superb graphics. Players are invited to explore the dark caves and dungeons, forests, villages, and graves. A long journey to the moon to kill strange creatures between the crater and the valley. Players will undergo a thrilling storyline, full of intrigue, and an exciting fight.

7. Dungeon Hunter 5
More than ten million people have played this one RPG game. Players will act as a hero who fights against the bandits and monsters that cause terrible chaos and terror. Monsters, evil knights, demon minions, wicked magicians, and other enemies that can be found in various places with stunning game graphics.

8. Legend of Darkness
Legend of Darkness is one of the simple RPG game that is suitable to be played by beginners. As a hero, players must successfully kill monsters to reach the top level. Then kill the various types of bosses that hide in certain places. There are many tools that can be obtained from killing monsters that can then be used to kill other monsters and bosses to be eliminated.

9. Chroisen 2
Kingkong Games Inc guarantees players will get all the excitement of playing RPG games through Chroisen 2. After success with the first seris in 2009, Chroisen again invites players to participate in role playing with various characters and unique weapons. The player’s job is to kill the enemy with the weapons that he has earned. This game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and got a lot of appreciation from the players.

10. Iron Bladen-Medival Legends
Demon Lord Baal returns to try to claim this world. The player must be a hero to save all mankind from eternity in hell. Defeat the immeasurable threats by fighting the demonic army and eliminating the hordes of undead in Scotland and expelling the Vampire in Transylvania. This fun game has real graphics and intense battles.

11. Summoner’s War: Sky Arena
Summoner s War: Sky Arena becomes a fantasy RPG game full of action and battle for vital energy source called Mana Crystal. There are more than 1,000 types of monsters competing for victory. Every monster has amazing skills that you can choose to create a great team to get to Mana Crystal and win the battle.

12. Criticism: The White Knight
RPG game from GAMEVIL invites players to feel the adrenaline is exciting and really exciting. Players can choose to play characters with various strengths and advantages possessed. There are different game systems. Players can test the skill and ability to play RPG action game with Critica: The White Knights.

13. Broken Dawn II
Broken Dawn II offers an attractive, exciting, and thrilling battle. This role-playing game also has excellent graphics and a tense story.

With good gaming controls, players are tasked with eradicating new types of viruses that spread and infect creatures like humans and animals. As a result of this virus, monsters appear and players have to face the monsters in order to successfully eliminate the virus.

14. Aurum Blade EX
Aurum Blade Ex invites players to play the game character with an interesting visual, but with a thrilling action. The main task is to stop Duke Marduk who is the cause of the bad things that happen. This game has a fast game system with deadly weapons, thrill attacks, spells and controls that really test player skills.

15. Postknight
The thrilling RPG game for Android is the last Postknight. The game from Kurechi is designed to be fun, exciting and thrilling. Raises the story of a saint who served in a difficult and dangerous mission in the Grand Kurestal kingdom. There are many characters and enemies that will be encountered in the missions that run. An exciting adventure that is a pity to miss.

That’s 15 thrilling RPG games for Android. If you’ve ever played those games, which is roughly what you think most exciting and interesting to play ?.

Mush Play! 7 This Game is More Cool Overwatch

You’ll love to spend your free time playing games. Of those games, one of the most exciting is the themed shoot-out. In addition to improving adrenaline, you can also train the speed of reflexes. One of the most famous is Overwatch.

Who the hell does not know the game Overwatch. Most of the gamers must have played the game. But this time I am here to discuss about 7 Overwatch Similar Games You Must Try! Curious what? Let’s see the full review below.

Require Play! 7 More Cool Games Overwatch!

1. Dirty Bomb
The first Overwatch-like game is Dirty Bomb. Dirty Bomb sbobet can be said to combine elements of FPS fast paced ala Call of Duty and Counter Strike, objective mission ala Battlefield style, and class system ala Team Fortress 2.

At least based on various videos from PAX last year to closed beta now. This combination creates an FPS that requires teamwork and coordinated attacks.

2. Day of Defeat Source
Day of Defeat is a team-based first-person multiplayer game. Initially this game is a modification of the Half-Life game of 1998. Day of Defeat: This source was released by Valve in 2005 ago. By utilizing the new Source engine, re-make displays various improvements from gameplay, graphics, and audio functions.

3. Enemy Territory Quake Wars
Game developed by Splash Damage and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Combined games between team-based action gameplay and RTS.

4. Gotham City Impostors
One of the best games like Overwatch, because this game is one of the most played FPS games. Here you can also choose the characters you like like criminals or others.

5. Warframe
You will play as one of the Tenno clan warriors, an ancient clan who slept for centuries and finally wakes up to fight. Your opponent is the Grineer, a cloned humanoid race and has a strong military capability; Corpus, a corporation that has a robot army; and Infested, which is a victim of the Technocyte virus.

6. Tribes Ascend
The next overwatch game is Trives Ascend. Game Tribes Ascend is a free-to-play game developed by HirezStudios. Designed to be played on your PC, this game has been loved by many gamers.

Unique skills make the characters in this game awesome, powerful weapons become one of the advantages as well. The movement of characters in the Tripes game makes the battlefield look interesting.

7. Planetside 2
This game tells an epic battleground on a tremendous scale. Not only dozens or dozens, hundreds of people can fight each other under the banner of their respective factions with different roles.

Attempts to take control of other factions’ territories were pursued through massive warfare supported by powerful warfare vehicles and technology.

It always becomes something that makes the hair go cold whenever you see how certain factions coordinate and begin to mobilize large-scale troops to fight on the front lines.

Art of War, Best Strategy Game from Developer Rules of Survival!

Who does not know the rising NetEase diversion engineers? Amusement engineers from China is rising in light of the fact that the diversion that they discharge is occupied played by cell phone clients on the planet, the Rules of Survival.

Notwithstanding the amusement Rules of Survival, NetEase additionally has another diversion that is blasting in China, to be specific Art of War. He cried once more, the amusement will be distributed in Indonesia under the title Art of War: Battle of Luoyang by Indonesia’s driving diversion distributer, MainGames.

Created NetEase, Art of War Ready to Release in Indonesia!

Specialty of War: The Battle of Luoyang is an amusement that consolidates procedure and strategies diversion for bad-to-the-bone gamers with fundamental history of 3 kingdoms. Since the amusement is blasting in his local nation, the NetEare engineers need players in the Southeast Asian district can likewise attempt this current diversion’s energy by snaring nearby distributers from Indonesia that is MainGames. Past MainGames are exceptionally fruitful in discharging SLG recreations with a similar topic that is Conquest 3 Kingdoms.

Try not to need to miss the energy of playing the diversion Art of War: The Battle of Luoyang? As of now Pre-Registration for Art of War amusement is as yet open lho. You can quickly get select prizes when the amusement is discharged later. Bear in mind likewise to like Fanpage Officially to get the most recent data.

Highlight Mainstay Art of War: Battle of Luoyang

Notwithstanding having the capacity to get select prizes on the off chance that you take after Pre-Registration Art of War amusement layarkaca, you will be dealt with to numerous energizing highlights in the best procedure diversion Art of War. What makes the Art of War diversion: The skirmish of Luoyang merits playing? Here are the principle highlights:

1. Construct Town

City is a standout amongst the most essential things in this diversion, a city will decide how huge and solid your character is. The more prosperous the city you have, the more grounded the kingdom and the general population you have.

2. General

The general you have may likewise decide your triumph and your quality. All the verifiable figures from the incredible officers get ready to serve you folks like Guanyu, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Lu Bu, and numerous different acclaimed commanders.

3. Faction

The Clan is shaped so you can set and choose who is best to overcome another faction and have 1 vision to ace the amusement. As the colloquialism goes, 1 adversary is excessively, 1000 companions is pretty much nothing.

4. 1 Capital

With Clan system and support, make cooperations and coalitions to take control of the Capital. Perfection responsible for the Capital will get numerous advantages extending from financial exchange courses, bounteous sustenance, prosperous individuals, and expanded troop quality

5. Set Formation

Winning isn’t just about the powers of the armed force and the General, yet assault development and assault strategies are likewise required. Demonstrate your capacities on the off chance that you feel a strategist. Each General has points of interest and shortcomings that you can learn.

Only 5 includes that aja? Obviously not, on account of there are numerous more highlights that can be played, for example, situations, day by day journeys, day by day occasions, city strikes, get mining, and substantially more!

In this way, let you all not miss to join when the diversion is opened, ensure you take after this Pre-Registration occasion well. By following Pre-Registration, you will get an exceptional prize offered just to players who take after this occasion.

It ought to be recollected well, players who don’t take after Pre-Registration at that point won’t get this unique prize. What’s more, you will likewise get the most recent data and refreshed when the diversion has been authoritatively opened.

8 Best, Latest, Offline and Free Football Android Games

Best Android Football Game An endless game of excitement is a soccer-themed game. Starting from the console game like let’s just PS, PC or mobile games of course games that the theme of soccer always crowded the audience. Similarly, android games that have also been enlivened with football games.

Because of the many people who are very fond of playing the game with the theme of footbal, therefore on this occasion sehape.com will discuss about the collection of the best soccer android games which of course the best and popular.

Some soccer  and remi poker games for android that we will discuss this is a game whose name may have often you hear on other platforms. This is certainly the game manufacturers do not want to miss to create a football game for android operating system which is currently a mobile operating system that many in use.

Best and Latest Football Android Games

15 Best, Latest, Offline and Free Football Android Games

1. FIFA 14
The first and best soccer game of football is FIFA 14 which of course is a familiar name for the lovers of footbal games, because the name of FIFA game is quite popular in its lan platform. In this game for the controller using swipe and tap which is certainly different from the same game controller.

Remarkably game FIFA 14 caliber can you get for free in the google play store. To get the premium features such as tournament, manager mode and kick off, you must be willing to spend money of Rp. 49,000. Do not doubt this FIFA 14 game for graphics quality business, because the average FIFA game almost all have good graphics.

2. Football Manager Handheld 2014
The next android football game is a 2014 Footbal Manager game which of course this game can make you become a coach in a team and can bring an exciting experience. There are so many features that you can get in this game because in truth this game is including one of the premium games that you must have if you are a fan of soccer games.

In this game as a whole is official as for example from the photo player, team and also the data that exist in this game is similar to the original. Cool is not it? But to be able to play this game you must be willing to pay the maker of this game in google play store.

3. Score! Classing Goals
Game android http://akunqq.com or football next is Score game! Classing Goals which is a game with different gameplay with games like FIFA 14. In this game you can only control the characters in the game when certain moments such as when scored against the opponent’s goal. Different concepts of similar games, in the sense will make this game a place in the hearts of fans.

Play will be more simple or simple with this game, because you can determine the right direction by way of swipe only. In this game you just try how to make the ball is not blocked goalkeeper and generate goals for your team. It feels with the footbal game for this android you will get a maximum level of pleasure.

4. PES Club Manager
PES Club Manager is one of the best names of football Android games that you must try. The game method used by the PES Club Manager game is almost similar to Footbal Manager Mobile 2016 (Point 3). But this game brings 3D visuals and there are commentators while being a live match, so this makes it feel like watching a real game.

In playing this best Android football game can not be sustainable because it is limited by energy that will run out after being used in several games. So you have to wait and collect the energy filled first to be able to play the game again. Jia you want to try this Game Manager Club PES, you can download for free in Google Play Store.

5. Tiki Taka Soccer
Furthermore the name of the best Android football game this time is Tiki Taka Soccer. This game is a category of Android football games that do have only pixel graphics like the famous NES game in his day. But the gameplay offered by Tiki Taka Soccer is really the maximum with the help of good touch screen control.

In playing this best Android footbal game you can pursue a career as a coach and also can control players directly. In addition you will start a career by creating a new club. Playing a Tiki Taka Soccer game requires a high level of patience when you first play it.

If in playing this best Android football game with already reached his skill, then guaranteed this game feels very addictive and very exciting. Wait for what else, download now and immediately play this game’s excitement.

6. Football Manager Mobile 2016
The latest and most popular Android football game is Football Manager Mobile 2016. Basically this 2016 Mobile Football Manager game includes one PC game developed into a smaller version to be installed on both Android and iOS smartphones. So it’s easier to apply it your gadget.

In this best soccer game, the game is not much different from the PC version game, here you are in charge of being a manager who trains and organizes a soccer team in order to win every game. Quite exciting right this latest Android football game game this one. You can definitely become a reliable coach in this game.

7. Dream League Soccer
The next best Android football game that is quite popular among gamers is called Dream League Soccer. This one game is one game that brings a very good visual and very popular in the Google Play Store. No wonder if the current user is a lot, and you can also download it secra grtais in playstore.

At the beginning of this latest game of Android football games, you will be given a club that should be named and set all the necessities of the game such as team uniforms, strategies, stadiums, and so forth. Like football games in general, Dream League Soccer game is also no different. Well, if you like in the arena of football club can try this one game.

8. Score! Hero
Score! Hero also became one of the best football Android games in the best offline football category because this game is able to lift one of the most interesting things in football, that is a goal. In this best Android football game, you can make a goal by a variety of attacks, it would be great if you can try it yourself.

Strategies and How to Win Poker Online

Poker King Win Poker Online Games certainly has become a favorite and also become the most popular game among online betting lovers of Indonesia, many people who are great in playing Poker Online so they can always feel the victory without the slightest loss.

What about players who are beginners or do not have the slightest strategy? of course they will be very easy to beat, if you are one of the players who do not have a strategy we will give 7 tips and how to play poker online, including:

1. Bringing Chips to a minimum
Do not be too eager to spend a lot of capital unless you are already expert in playing Judi Poker Online. We recommend you for beginners bring enough chips or little capital to avoid a big defeat in the beginning of the game so that it can use the 6 ways we will give below. There is nothing wrong if you want to bring a lot of chips with a note on entering your table just carry a little chip.

2. Learn the Tempo of your Opponent’s Game
Once you have set up the capital to play it’s time you enter the entaplay http://akunqq.com table to be ready to play, but you must stand before sitting down to play. Spend a moment to pay attention to your opponent’s game at the table and understand the plot, if you already know how to play your opponent then prepare a strategy to fight them when you have joined in the table.

3. Bluffing Strategy or BLUFFING
Once you’ve noticed the opponent’s gameplay, then we have one strategy game that is effective enough for you to do is strategy Bluff. This strategy is very useful when you get a bad card but you are disguised like getting a good card, then raise your bet value until another opponent closes the card / Fold. There is a bad effect of this strategy. This strategy has a high enough risk also if the enemy really has a good card, use this strategy in accordance with the circumstances only.

4. Calculate the Mature
This strategy is very important when you play dewapoker, because some players who use this strategy have a better chance of winning. They will actually count the bets that will be paired according to the card they get.

5. Move Another Position
If you feel unlucky where you sit, please stand up and watch which seats often win. If you have seen it try to sit beside the seating table or if the seat is empty please immediately placed, because it can affect the luck you have. But we can not give full confidence to this tactic, the senior players have often used this tactic and got quite satisfactory results.

6. Do not Be Sure To Get Good Cards
When someone gets a good card like AA, JJ, QQ, KK or else it must be very confident and very ready to make a bigger bet. Then this is one of the big mistakes that make players lose, wait until the 5th card issued by the bookie in order to make sure your card is the highest then you raise the bet or ALL In.

7. Requires Patience
When the 6 ways that we give, still experiencing a definite defeat you will be upset or emotion so that the more you get falling deeper. We advise to stay patient because if you stay calm and play slowly you can surely restore the previous defeat.

These 5 Most Troubled PC Games Ever Tried?

Online Games After being exhausted by tasks and work, playing games is a wise choice to get rid of fatigue and tiredness. So no wonder if there are always many new games that are present in the smartphone or PC for you to play.

Although playing games on the smartphone is more simple, but the game on the PC more exciting and challenging. Even many games on PC are very difficult to complete!

The Most Hard PC Game to Save
A true gamer must always feel challenged to complete tasks for the tasks presented in a game. But if the task is difficult, the game will not end. Like the following hardest PC games:

1. Dark Souls Series

Of the many games that carry the genre MMORPG, Dark Souls series is one of the most difficult games to be rescued. How not, FromSoftware made game is designed with a super enemy is difficult!

After being exhausted by tasks and work, playing games is a wise choice to get rid of fatigue and tiredness.

2. Devil May Cry 3

Game genre Hack and Slash is indeed famous for difficult to be rescued. And the key you have to be extra patient if you want to finish this game. If you can not wait, your PC might slam.

Telling about Dante and Vergil, this Capcom game definitely makes you chuckle in awe. Not only because of the enemies that are difficult to conquer, but also the story of the epic!

3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl

Make you a big benryali, must try to play the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl developed by GSC Game World this. Because the atmosphere of horror grip immediately felt so this game started.

A blend of survival from hunger, radiation, and outbreaks, as well as maintaining HP and also at once against the enemy; making this game difficult to end. Not to mention you have to refrain from stopping in the middle of the road because it is not strong by the tense atmosphere it brings.

4. Limbo

Speaking of a tense atmosphere, Limbo is ready to take you to the world of heaven and hell. Black and white graphics that are wrapped in creepy music make this game quite interesting to play.

However, behind the simple graphics it carries, Limbo is not a game carelessly. To complete every mission you have to be extra patient. If impatient, reaching the end is just a mere thought.

5. Arma3.

Not as scary as before, but this FPS game by Bohemia Interactive is ready to bring you feel the sensation of fighting in http://akunqq.com the real world. It turns out that being in the middle of the war is not easy, you will find it difficult to finish this game.

4 Best and most popular Smartphone card games in Indonesia

Android Games Playing card game while staying up is a fun activity, especially if playing with your friends. Actually kalo Bang Rhoma Irama said, “Do not stay up if you do not mean” and it is not recommended because it is not good for health, but if you stay awhile sometimes dong.

If you stay up late, it’s incomplete if you do not play games or read news. Well, for you who like the card game, through this article JalanTikus give recommendations 4 best Android card game in Indonesia.

4 Best Android Card Game in Indonesia

1. Capsa Royale

Capsa Royale is one of the best card games and pulse-producing games. This game fits really played with friends while hanging out or while you’re feeling bored. How to play Capsa Royale is very easy. Because, in this game you will get a tutorial how to play so you are guaranteed not to be confused when you first play it. According to JalanTikus, this one card game is the best game. Why the best? That’s because the gameplay is very easy to play compared games like.

In this Capsa Royale game there are many card games, such as Capsa Banting, Capsa Arrange Hockey Wheel, Guess Score, and so on. One of the advantages of this game is you can also get the pulse for free.

Well, pull it if you win in this game, you will get a Diamond that can be converted into pulse. You can get pulses ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Very interesting is not it?

Download the latest Capsa Royale here: Capsa Royale


2. Luxy Poker

The next best card game presents a gameplay that is also quite good. when you install this first Luxy Poker game, you will get an initial capital of 1 million chips, and you can already play with your friends to spend time together. However, unlike Capsa Royale, Luxy Poker can not be exchanged for credit.

If you win you will get many prizes in the form of chip in this game, and you can interact with your friends by sending Gift. This game is good enough to accompany a long night.

Download the latest Luxy Poker Online here : Luxy Poker-Online


3. Domino Qiu Qiu

Who does not know the game Domino? Yup, this game is also called gaplek. Gameplay Domino Qiu Qiu is almost the same as the gameplay of other cards. But the difference, in this game you can interact with sending gift and others. How to play the same as playing a Domino card in general, where you have to sort the number of cards from your opponent.

You can get various prizes also in this game with How to complete the missions contained in the game Domino Qiu Qiu this. This game is quite interesting to play when hanging out with friends to spend time together.

Download the latest Domino QiuQiu here: Domino QiuQiu 99(KiuKiu)


4. Poker Texas Boyaa

Poker Texas Boyaa game is one of the games that is good enough to play. The game whose ad starring Deddy Corbuzier generally has a gameplay that is almost the same as the game Capsa Royale. Unfortunately, in this game can not produce such pulses in Capsa Royale. In this game you can compete with friends who are on your Facebook. So if you win, your chip will increase and your rank will be higher. You can also prove to your friends that you are a true card player who is invincible.

In addition to the exciting and exciting gameplay of Poker Texas Boyaa, you can also compete against your friends on Facebook.

Download the latest Poker Texas BOyaa Here: Poker Texas Boyaa

Well that’s the 4 best Android card game in Indonesia version of JalanTikus. So which card game do you like best? If Jaka still prefer Capsa Royale because it can get free pulse. So, what are you waiting http://akunqq.com guys for? Hurry deh cobain the games above. If you have any suggestions about other interesting card games, write in the comment field.

Boyaa Interactive Launches Domino QiuQiu Boyaa, Traditional Game with Local Flavors of Indonesia

Boya Domino Qiu Qiu Boyaa Interactive expanded its wings in the card game market for Android in Indonesia. After success with Poker Texas Boyaa and Capsa Boyaa, Boya Interactive now adapts one of the traditional domestic games to Domino QiuQiu Boya. In contrast to its two predecessors, Domino QiuQiu Boyaa has a local flavor. One example can be seen from the presence of Punakawan in the game. For those who do not know yet, Punakawan is the name for the followers of knights in Indonesian literature which today is generally featured in puppet performances as a group of humor spreaders.

Domino Qiuqiu is a regional game that has long been played by the people of Indonesia. Between two to seven players sit at a table together and play with a set of 28 dominoes. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the development of the mobile gaming industry in Indonesia, Boya Interactive packed the game into an Android app with the name Domino QiuQiu Boya. Believed by using Boyaa Interactive’s proven experience through the Poker Texas Boya game, Domino QiuQiu Boyaa can provide the most original and best Domino Qiuqiu play experience for Indonesians.

Domino QiuQiu Boya can be played with friends and other players coming from Indonesia for free. Ease of play makes this game can be enjoyed by all levels of society. To add to the excitement of the game http://akunqq.com , Domino QiuQiu Boya also splits free chips on a daily basis and is complemented by exciting prize-winning events.

Domino QiuQiu Boya is now available on all Android devices and can be downloaded through the GooglePlay Store. Find out more about Domino QiuQiu Boyaa on his official Facebook page

FREE! This is 6 Most Popular Android Game Best Toll Rewards in Indonesia

Online Games Playing free games is not only useful for just entertainment, now the game players can also get something more useful again, one of which is a gift. Yes because now a lot of smartphone games that can be used as a source of income.

Gifts that can be obtained through the game was very diverse, such as getting a free smartphone, get gold, earn money and also get a free pulse from the game. And it’s all been proven original is not a ruse !. How are you curious about Android games that can generate free credit? Well here’s the list of games!

6 Game Android Berhadiah Pulsa Terbaik

1. Bajak Duit

as the name implies Bajak Duit will certainly bring his players as a hijacker. In this game you play a role as a robber who will be told to rob the other player’s possessions. As a Captain of the Sea you will be given a task to train soldiers then attack other players.

If you win the game then it will be rewarded. The prize of Pirate Duit game can you get how much money or free pulse. To be sure if you are diligent this game will make you get rich suddenly! Want to try?

2. Kolam Hadiah

Seeing from the name alone we can guess that this prize pool game will present a gift for its players. How to play it is also very easy, you just need to fish in the water, with an unexpected gift.

In addition to the fish in it is also provided a treasure that surely makes you increase the spirit of playing Game Swimming Gifts. To take the prize you are required to have enough tickets, then you can exchange through the menu in this game. The prize is free and there are other interesting prizes.

3. Cumaceban

Indeed from the name of this game is not possible because the title Cumaceban, but this game allows you can get rich quick! How to play is so easy you just have to complete the challenge available. The prize in this game is a big enough free pulse. In addition there are also other attractive prizes such as free smartphone and so on.

4. Domino QQ

If you try a different sensation of the game then it is imperative to try the game Domino QQ. Because basically the concept of this game is very good and the series, coupled with the interesting features provided, one of them is a feature exchange points. Points that you can exchange after reaching a certain amount that you can exchange to search for free credit.

The more diligent you play then the more gifts you will get. Moreover, this game is not too difficult.

5. Poker Time

If you’ve ever played poker game games before then Poker Time games are definitely not a difficult challenge for you. Overall it may be the same because the poker game in general remains the same, it’s just that Poker Time game requires a good strategy and concentration in order to win the game.

In addition to this exciting game has also been provided interesting prizes by the developer, you can get free pulse through this game, as well as other gifts more exciting options such as gadgets or other.

6. Domino 99

Domino 99 is different from other card games, you can say this game is easier because the concept of game play is very simple and traditional. This one game is not enough to rely on a brain, because this game is more often run to the luck factor, but even so it never hurts also you learn the basics of the game.

Game cards of this type can sometimes only play a maximum of 6 players in one table. You will be given 4 cards which you must combine into two pairs of values. For the greatest value on a card is 99. To get a free pulse of course you must win the game first.

That’s 6 games of Android with best free pulse prizes. If you’re the type of people who like to play games, then all of them take advantage http://akunqq.com of it to earn income, even if only pulse. You can try one of them if interested.

PS Plus PS4, PS3, Game PS Vita Gratis untuk Oktober 2017 Sekarang

Game online Kami sekarang sampai Oktober, dan jika Anda belum melakukannya, ada rangkaian permainan PS ( PlayStation Plus ) baru untuk bulan ini untuk diklaim. Siapa pun yang berlangganan Plus memiliki total enam game untuk diunduh, tersebar merata di PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, dan Vita – walaupun pemilik PS4 tidak diragukan lagi memiliki pilihan terbaik.

Sorotan Oktober tidak diragukan lagi game PS4 headlining, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Pendahulunya, Ground Zeroes, telah ditawarkan sebelumnya, namun The Phantom Pain adalah pengalaman yang jauh lebih penting. Meskipun bukan akhir dari seri Metal Gear – masih ada Metal Gear Survive yang akan datang, paling tidak – The Phantom Pain adalah game terakhir yang menampilkan partisipasi Hideo Kojima, yang menciptakan franchise ini.

Selain itu, gratis PS4 termasuk yang sempurna dengan Halloween muncul. Amnesia Collection juga gratis; Ini adalah kompilasi dari dua permainan horor yang berbeda: Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Mesin untuk Babi. Dua pertandingan tambahan lainnya dapat diperoleh secara gratis di PS4 bulan ini, berkat Cross-Buy yang didukung oleh game Vita bulan Oktober, HUT Angkatan Udara dan Hue. Penawaran bulan ini dibulatkan oleh dua game PS3 gratis, Hustle Kings dan Monster Jam Battlegrounds. Pemilik PS3 juga mendapatkan akses ke Sky Force Anniversary, yang sebenarnya mendukung Cross-Buy tiga arah.

Waktu sudah habis untuk That’s You, sebuah freebie yang telah ada untuk sementara waktu sekarang tapi keluar dari rotasi gratis pada tanggal 24 Oktober. Game gratis lainnya, judul PSVR RIGS, akan kembali ke harga regulernya pada tanggal 7 November.

Akhirnya, anggota Plus masuk ke dalam beta tertutup untuk Hand of the Gods, game baru pengembang Smite Hi-Rez Studios. Untuk membantu memulai, pelanggan Plus dapat mendownload paket DLC yang mencakup berbagai barang gratis untuk membantu mereka memulai.

Semua barang gratis ini untuk diunduh di PlayStation Store http://akunqq.com sekarang juga. Mereka bisa diklaim baik melalui sistem masing-masing maupun di situs PSN. Anda bisa mendapatkan game gratis PS Plus di bulan November yang akan segera diumumkan.

Oktober 2017 Game PlayStation Plus Gratis

Playstation 4
– Koleksi Amnesia
– Hue
– Metal Gear Solid V: Nyeri Phantom
– Ulang Tahun Angkatan Darat

Playstation 3
– raja hiruk pikuk
– Rakasa Jam Battlegrounds
– Ulang Tahun Angkatan Darat

– Hue
– Ulang Tahun Angkatan Darat