Understanding Communication Diversity In Data Communications

Computer communication If sorted by syllable the diversity of communication consists of 2 syllables namely Diversity and Communication. Diversity itself comes from the word Ragam which means more than one or more number while the meaning of the word Communication is the process of delivering information between individuals, both individuals, groups and communities. From the above understanding can be concluded the definition of Communication Diversity as follows:

The diversity of communication is one or more methods that can be used to deliver interconnected information between individuals, whether it’s individual relationships, groups and communities.

Understanding Communication According to Experts

1. Understanding Communication by Onong Uchjana Effendy
Communication is the process of delivering a message by someone to others to notify, change attitudes, opinions or behaviors either verbally (directly) or indirectly (through the media)

2. Understanding Communication According to Lasswell 1960
Communication is a process http://akunqq.com that explains who? What did you say? with what channel? to whom? with what effect or result? (Who? SaysWhat? In Which Channel? To Whom? Whith What Effects?)

If the five elements analyzed by Lasswell (1960) are as follows:

a. Who? (Who / Source)
Sources are the main actors who have a primary need to communicate or who initiate communication

b. Says What? (Message)
Messages are a set of verbal / nonverbal symbols that represent feelings, values, ideas, the intent of the source.

c. In Which? Channel (Funnel / Medium)
Outlet or media is a vehicle used to convey the message of the communicator (source) to the recipient either directly or indirectly.

d. To Whom? (for Who / Receiver)
The recipient is the person / group / organization receiving the message from the source.

e. With What Effect? (Impact / effect)
The impact or effect of the message recipient from the source is the increase of knowledge, attitude change and others.

These 3 Things You Worth Knowing About Android Oreo

Smartphone Android Google has announced Orea as the name for the operating system (OS) Android 8.0 through live streaming in New York, United States, on Monday (21/08/2017) afternoon local time. Android Oreo is now available for testing or is in the developer preview stage.

Thanks to the developer preview stage, some of Andorid Oreo’s features can be tried. Indeed not all judi aduqq users can try Oreo, but the ranks of Android devices will definitely get an update to the OS this year.

Well if you are curious about Android Oreo, there are three important features that are quite interesting.

Here are a brief review of these three features as reported by Forbes, Tuesday (22/08/2017).


1. Background Limits

Android 8.0 will change the background process (background), which means it will change the workings of some applications. This change makes battery life a better one.

In addition, Android 8.0 will also identify applications that run in background services and have nothing to do with what users are doing on their phones. This feature, therefore, may have no effect on apps like music services running in the background. Possible impacts on apps like Snapchat in the background are feeds that will not be refreshed (updated).

In general, Oreo is smart enough not to access such applications. Thanks to this feature, Android Orea uses less power, thus making battery quality better.

2. Autofill API

Some people often forget their passwords, but it is necessary to keep accounts secure while surfing in cyberspace. A number of password manager apps that are on Android and are expected to help users, in fact not quite convenient to use.

Through the presence of Android 8.0, applications can register as autofill providers with a system that can facilitate users to login. Once the user selects the autofill provider in the language and input settings, Android will request the login details of the app, whenever required.

The system can also verify with a fingerprint scanner or secure unlock method, before loading account data. A number of popular password managers already have these features including Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password.

3. Picture-in-Picture mode

Android 8.0 users will be able to watch videos while doing other activities with their devices. This can be done thanks to the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode feature.

This feature was originally developed as part of Nougat, but only available on Android TV devices. But now can also be enjoyed on mobile phones and tablets. For the record, the application used must already support the PiP video. Some of which already support PiP videos are Chrome, YouTube and VLC.

To use it, the user must first start a video in full-screen mode and tap the “Home” button. Then the video size will decrease and can continue to watch while accessing other services such as calendar.

These three features are a simple example of some of the things that the sweet guy of Oreo has to offer. Nexus and Pixel will receive http://akunqq.com an update to Oreo in the near future, while the other device is a few months away.

Tips on How to Overcome Lag When Playing Online Game on PC

Online Game 100% WORK! Here’s How to Overcome Lag When Playing Online Game on PC. Have you ever experienced lag while playing online games on PC? Maybe some of you have experienced it. Nge-lag is the most annoying thing when playing online games, because it can just make a loss and decrease your popularity and rank in play. But you do not have to worry, because Jaka has a solution to overcome the lag you often experience.

How to handle it can be spelled bother easy, because the main factor why you experience lag when play-ing is a spec or your internet network is not adequate. Therefore here Jaka has provided tips for you to keep playing stable and smooth, curious how? Let’s see how to solve the lag when playing online games on PC.

How to Overcome Lag When Playing Online Game on PC

Step 1


In the tips this time, to overcome the lag you can use Leatrix Lately Fix software.

Step 2

Since the file you downloaded has a .zip file, you must extract it with an archive extractor app like Winrar.

Step 3

For the next step, you can open the file extension application (.exe) and install Leatrix Lately Fix to your PC.

Next, you just restart your PC and feel the change.

How? Easy really way to overcome the lag on the online game on your PC? Finally, hopefully useful yes! And do not forget to leave http://akunqq.com a trail in the comment field.