Understanding Communication Diversity In Data Communications

Computer communication If sorted by syllable the diversity of communication consists of 2 syllables namely Diversity and Communication. Diversity itself comes from the word Ragam which means more than one or more number while the meaning of the word Communication is the process of delivering information between individuals, both individuals, groups and communities. From the above understanding can be concluded the definition of Communication Diversity as follows:

The diversity of communication is one or more methods that can be used to deliver interconnected information between individuals, whether it’s individual relationships, groups and communities.

Understanding Communication According to Experts

1. Understanding Communication by Onong Uchjana Effendy
Communication is the process of delivering a message by someone to others to notify, change attitudes, opinions or behaviors either verbally (directly) or indirectly (through the media)

2. Understanding Communication According to Lasswell 1960
Communication is a process http://akunqq.com that explains who? What did you say? with what channel? to whom? with what effect or result? (Who? SaysWhat? In Which Channel? To Whom? Whith What Effects?)

If the five elements analyzed by Lasswell (1960) are as follows:

a. Who? (Who / Source)
Sources are the main actors who have a primary need to communicate or who initiate communication

b. Says What? (Message)
Messages are a set of verbal / nonverbal symbols that represent feelings, values, ideas, the intent of the source.

c. In Which? Channel (Funnel / Medium)
Outlet or media is a vehicle used to convey the message of the communicator (source) to the recipient either directly or indirectly.

d. To Whom? (for Who / Receiver)
The recipient is the person / group / organization receiving the message from the source.

e. With What Effect? (Impact / effect)
The impact or effect of the message recipient from the source is the increase of knowledge, attitude change and others.

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