5 Reasons You Must Play Mobile Arena Instead of Mobile Legends

Currently Challengers (MOBA players) can enjoy the thrill of playing MOBA DotA 2 games, League of Legends and Mobile Arena anywhere through smartphones

Game news Currently Challengers (MOBA players) can enjoy the thrill of playing MOBA DotA 2 games, League of Legends and Mobile Arena anywhere through smartphones.

After Vainglory and Mobile Legends, MOBA game lovers (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) back pampered with the presence of Mobile Arena on Android and iOS.

Mobille Arena itself was developed by Tencent and brought in by the game publisher Garena. So, arguably Mobille Arena is a mobile version of League of Legends which is also held by Garena Indonesia.

Here are some reasons why you should play Mobile Arena games instead of Mobile Legends.


Reasons Why You Should Play Mobile Arena

1. True Fair Mobile MobA

No pay to win, pure skill! There are no special purchases for additional status. Yes, the hero skin in Mobile Arena is 100 percent just costume, winning and losing depends only on the skills you have.

2. Can be Played on Smartphone with 1 GB RAM

With HD graphics display, Mobile Arena claimed to still be played only by using a smartphone that has 1 GB of RAM only. The size of Mobile Arena game itself about 300 MB, once installed and summed up with data can reach 800 MB. Reasonable, given the graphical display that spoil the eye

3. There are 6 Game Mode Options

Mobile Arena provides six game mode options namely Grand Battle, Hook Wars, and Abyssal Clash for 5VS5. Then, Valley Skirmish for 3VS3 and Solo Battle for 1VS1.

Grand Battle is the main Antaris Arena in the Mobille Arena, where 5 Heroes from each team are met. The Arena consists of 3 Lane and the Jungle area. The winner of this fight is a team that can first destroy the enemy base.

Meanwhile, in this Hook Wars mode, you and your team will be challenged to master the control zone by placing as many team members as possible in the face of the battle against the attack of opposing teams that attempt to conquer each team member.

Then, Abyssal Clash offers you the opportunity to fight until the last blood drops with your friends in an area called Abyss Canyon.

4. Local Server Without Connection Disorder

To accommodate players from Indonesia, Mobile Arena is present in a dedicated local server so players can play uninterrupted connections.

Match making in just a few seconds and feel the battle fiercely anywhere and anytime.

5. Play NEW Hero range every week

There will be more than 30 unique Hero choices with cool character and character design. Play NEW Hero range every week

The final word

In short the MOBA Mobille Arena game tells about the war between the gods against the Devil. Mankind began akunqq.com to rise to give resistance, as a form of new power. The situation is increasingly chaotic because of the war that gets bigger.

Finally, the Creator created a new arena as a place for gods, demons, humans and mythical beings to finish the battle through the fight at the Antares Arena at Mobile Arena. Good luck yes.

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