10 Anime It’s Very Recommended For Game Lovers

Game Online A gamer, no doubt, most of them also like movies that smell of fiction, one of them Anime. There are so many Annime series that have an attachment to video games. For example, telling the story of a gamer, annime series that is lifted based on certain games, there is also anime series in which contains various content related to video games.

Therefore, not a few annime series that can be enjoyed by gamers because some elements associated with the gaming world. Of the several genres of annime that contain the above factors, the following Jaka love to know 10 anime suitable for a gamer like you guys, see yuk!

Gamer Sign in! 10 Anime It’s Very Recommended For Game Lovers


This anime tells about the game world that suddenly can be realized in the real world. Regardless of whatever it is, the characters in this annime can not do much. They have to do what it’s like in the gaming world to stay alive. Annime BTOOOM! This teaches gamers, ie one of them is the skill in the game will be useful in real life.


Accel World lifts real-world stories that re-connect directly with the gaming world. In this annime, the main character feels there is something strange happening to him. Apparently this is due to a special system that has some strict rules, the system apparently using Augmented Reality based technology. Well, this is what makes anime is also one of the spectacle that is suitable for a gamer.


Sakurasou is an anime that tells a series of interesting stories, though not too attached to the gaming world. The main character of one of them, he found it very difficult to realize the idea of his game to everyone. This implies that there are so many out there new ideas or games that are not popular at the hands of gamers. Well, the failure of the main character in making that happen, both because of some of the factors in it that affect, one that makes this annime interesting is that we should not criticize a game, because it is made with a difficult struggle.

  • D-FRAG

In contrast to the annime we discussed earlier, Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo, where making a game is a difficult process. Precisely in the annime D-FRAG, making the game is told to have a very fun process, so casual, not infrequently the game became much inhibited.

  • No Game No Life

This anime tells a pair of brothers, Shiro and Sora, they are both brothers are very good at playing the game online. Because of these skills, they get the challenge to fight the game god.

  • Hi sCoool! SeHa Girls

This anime tells the various main characters whose names are lifted based on a console device that was once glorious in the 90s, call it Dreamcast, Saturn, and Mega Drive. The three main characters akunqq.com have a mission to visit the world of popular games from several companies. This annime is perfect for gamers who want to learn a lot about the history of Sega because they are the core of the story in this annime.

  • Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai

In this anime, we will meet a character named Keima Katsuragi, who is a true gamer, but only play one type of game only, namely Dating Sim. Even so great, he came to call himself a game god. Well, the core of the story is actually not how football terjangnya in the gaming world, but he must use his skills in the game to save the real world. Curious about how it goes? Watch live! ”

  • Nokome

This anime tells the life story of the main character who must live life as in the game. He has to choose some options like in the game to proceed to the next stage. Not infrequently these choices precisely bring conditions that are not fun for him.

  • Lucky Star

Lucky Star is an anime that has a connection about the game world, which tells a main character who has a hobby of playing games, he is Konata. There are many things Konata experienced during the game, of course, there is also another life of Konata is told in each episode as a gamer. This is why this annime is perfect for a gamer, which may be Konata’s life with his hobby is also the same as what you experience as a gamer.

  • Oreimo

In this anime, the main character must struggle to solve complex problems regarding his association with the gaming world. The main character has to deal with his own brother who is a hobby of watching annime and playing games. During watching this annime, you will find out the various reference games about Dating Sim is quite interesting. So as a true gamer, this one annime you should never miss.

Well, that’s 10 anime suitable for a gamer like you guys. What do you think? Which have you ever watched? Do not hesitate to share in the comment field below yes.