15 Most Stressful Android RPG Games 2017

Role game or Role Player Game (RPG) is one of the genres of the game that many interested gamers. RPG itself is a game that the players play the role of fictional figures and follow the story that the game is displayed. In the past, RPG games can only be played on PC or PlayStation, but over the times, today’s RPG games can be found easily in the Play Store to be played on Android.

Various stories and excitement are offered by RPG games that can be played on smartphones. Here’s Jaka has a recommendation of 15 RPG games thrill for Android that guaranteed to make you nyesel if not download!

1. War of Rings-Cross Server Battle
The first exciting, thrilling, and endearing RPG game you miss is War of Rings-Cross Server Battle. This game has many unique game modes and game systems like free weapon system, free trade system, strong social system and so on. This game takes place in the world of creatures like elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, and cyclopses.

2. King’s Raid
This great graphic game invites players to create their own team against the evil bosses and powerful enemies. Of course not easy to defeat enemies so much. Need skill and timeliness to win. With fantastic stories and challenging battles, this RPG game is perfect for true gamers.

3. Soulcraft Action RPG
Players will act as a soldier to get rid of the killers and rid the city of crime. In this thrilling action game, the player is as if an angel who must face the devil and become a hero on earth. MobileBits GmbH as the owner of this game continue to develop to increase the satisfaction of the players.

4. S.O.L: Stone of Life EX
Oddy Arts offers a stylish RPG game that can be played offline. Stone of Life EX puts players in an endless basement. There are unlimited challenges for various tense missions. Players are challenged to get high scores with different tactics and strategies. There will be many enemies to be faced like powerful giants with deadly weapons.

5. Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest is an RPG game from Shiny Box that brings players to journey to find the best treasure and defeat all enemies. Good graphic design complements the excitement of the battle to be faced. This game really tests the skills and tactics and strategies to achieve victory.

6. Eternium
Game of Making Fun offers games with superb graphics. Players are invited to explore the dark caves and dungeons, forests, villages, and graves. A long journey to the moon to kill strange creatures between the crater and the valley. Players will undergo a thrilling storyline, full of intrigue, and an exciting fight.

7. Dungeon Hunter 5
More than ten million people have played this one RPG game. Players will act as a hero who fights against the bandits and monsters that cause terrible chaos and terror. Monsters, evil knights, demon minions, wicked magicians, and other enemies that can be found in various places with stunning game graphics.

8. Legend of Darkness
Legend of Darkness is one of the simple RPG game that is suitable to be played by beginners. As a hero, players must successfully kill monsters to reach the top level. Then kill the various types of bosses that hide in certain places. There are many tools that can be obtained from killing monsters that can then be used to kill other monsters and bosses to be eliminated.

9. Chroisen 2
Kingkong Games Inc guarantees players will get all the excitement of playing RPG games through Chroisen 2. After success with the first seris in 2009, Chroisen again invites players to participate in role playing with various characters and unique weapons. The player’s job is to kill the enemy with the weapons that he has earned. This game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and got a lot of appreciation from the players.

10. Iron Bladen-Medival Legends
Demon Lord Baal returns to try to claim this world. The player must be a hero to save all mankind from eternity in hell. Defeat the immeasurable threats by fighting the demonic army and eliminating the hordes of undead in Scotland and expelling the Vampire in Transylvania. This fun game has real graphics and intense battles.

11. Summoner’s War: Sky Arena
Summoner s War: Sky Arena becomes a fantasy RPG game full of action and battle for vital energy source called Mana Crystal. There are more than 1,000 types of monsters competing for victory. Every monster has amazing skills that you can choose to create a great team to get to Mana Crystal and win the battle.

12. Criticism: The White Knight
RPG game from GAMEVIL invites players to feel the adrenaline is exciting and really exciting. Players can choose to play characters with various strengths and advantages possessed. There are different game systems. Players can test the skill and ability to play RPG action game with Critica: The White Knights.

13. Broken Dawn II
Broken Dawn II offers an attractive, exciting, and thrilling battle. This role-playing game also has excellent graphics and a tense story.

With good gaming controls, players are tasked with eradicating new types of viruses that spread and infect creatures like humans and animals. As a result of this virus, monsters appear and players have to face the monsters in order to successfully eliminate the virus.

14. Aurum Blade EX
Aurum Blade Ex invites players to play the game character with an interesting visual, but with a thrilling action. The main task is to stop Duke Marduk who is the cause of the bad things that happen. This game has a fast game system with deadly weapons, thrill attacks, spells and controls that really test player skills.

15. Postknight
The thrilling RPG game for Android is the last Postknight. The game from Kurechi is designed to be fun, exciting and thrilling. Raises the story of a saint who served in a difficult and dangerous mission in the Grand Kurestal kingdom. There are many characters and enemies that will be encountered in the missions that run. An exciting adventure that is a pity to miss.

That’s 15 thrilling RPG games for Android. If you’ve ever played those games, which is roughly what you think most exciting and interesting to play ?.

4 Best and most popular Smartphone card games in Indonesia

Android Games Playing card game while staying up is a fun activity, especially if playing with your friends. Actually kalo Bang Rhoma Irama said, “Do not stay up if you do not mean” and it is not recommended because it is not good for health, but if you stay awhile sometimes dong.

If you stay up late, it’s incomplete if you do not play games or read news. Well, for you who like the card game, through this article JalanTikus give recommendations 4 best Android card game in Indonesia.

4 Best Android Card Game in Indonesia

1. Capsa Royale

Capsa Royale is one of the best card games and pulse-producing games. This game fits really played with friends while hanging out or while you’re feeling bored. How to play Capsa Royale is very easy. Because, in this game you will get a tutorial how to play so you are guaranteed not to be confused when you first play it. According to JalanTikus, this one card game is the best game. Why the best? That’s because the gameplay is very easy to play compared games like.

In this Capsa Royale game there are many card games, such as Capsa Banting, Capsa Arrange Hockey Wheel, Guess Score, and so on. One of the advantages of this game is you can also get the pulse for free.

Well, pull it if you win in this game, you will get a Diamond that can be converted into pulse. You can get pulses ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Very interesting is not it?

Download the latest Capsa Royale here: Capsa Royale


2. Luxy Poker

The next best card game presents a gameplay that is also quite good. when you install this first Luxy Poker game, you will get an initial capital of 1 million chips, and you can already play with your friends to spend time together. However, unlike Capsa Royale, Luxy Poker can not be exchanged for credit.

If you win you will get many prizes in the form of chip in this game, and you can interact with your friends by sending Gift. This game is good enough to accompany a long night.

Download the latest Luxy Poker Online here : Luxy Poker-Online


3. Domino Qiu Qiu

Who does not know the game Domino? Yup, this game is also called gaplek. Gameplay Domino Qiu Qiu is almost the same as the gameplay of other cards. But the difference, in this game you can interact with sending gift and others. How to play the same as playing a Domino card in general, where you have to sort the number of cards from your opponent.

You can get various prizes also in this game with How to complete the missions contained in the game Domino Qiu Qiu this. This game is quite interesting to play when hanging out with friends to spend time together.

Download the latest Domino QiuQiu here: Domino QiuQiu 99(KiuKiu)


4. Poker Texas Boyaa

Poker Texas Boyaa game is one of the games that is good enough to play. The game whose ad starring Deddy Corbuzier generally has a gameplay that is almost the same as the game Capsa Royale. Unfortunately, in this game can not produce such pulses in Capsa Royale. In this game you can compete with friends who are on your Facebook. So if you win, your chip will increase and your rank will be higher. You can also prove to your friends that you are a true card player who is invincible.

In addition to the exciting and exciting gameplay of Poker Texas Boyaa, you can also compete against your friends on Facebook.

Download the latest Poker Texas BOyaa Here: Poker Texas Boyaa

Well that’s the 4 best Android card game in Indonesia version of JalanTikus. So which card game do you like best? If Jaka still prefer Capsa Royale because it can get free pulse. So, what are you waiting http://akunqq.com guys for? Hurry deh cobain the games above. If you have any suggestions about other interesting card games, write in the comment field.

These 3 Things You Worth Knowing About Android Oreo

Smartphone Android Google has announced Orea as the name for the operating system (OS) Android 8.0 through live streaming in New York, United States, on Monday (21/08/2017) afternoon local time. Android Oreo is now available for testing or is in the developer preview stage.

Thanks to the developer preview stage, some of Andorid Oreo’s features can be tried. Indeed not all judi aduqq users can try Oreo, but the ranks of Android devices will definitely get an update to the OS this year.

Well if you are curious about Android Oreo, there are three important features that are quite interesting.

Here are a brief review of these three features as reported by Forbes, Tuesday (22/08/2017).


1. Background Limits

Android 8.0 will change the background process (background), which means it will change the workings of some applications. This change makes battery life a better one.

In addition, Android 8.0 will also identify applications that run in background services and have nothing to do with what users are doing on their phones. This feature, therefore, may have no effect on apps like music services running in the background. Possible impacts on apps like Snapchat in the background are feeds that will not be refreshed (updated).

In general, Oreo is smart enough not to access such applications. Thanks to this feature, Android Orea uses less power, thus making battery quality better.

2. Autofill API

Some people often forget their passwords, but it is necessary to keep accounts secure while surfing in cyberspace. A number of password manager apps that are on Android and are expected to help users, in fact not quite convenient to use.

Through the presence of Android 8.0, applications can register as autofill providers with a system that can facilitate users to login. Once the user selects the autofill provider in the language and input settings, Android will request the login details of the app, whenever required.

The system can also verify with a fingerprint scanner or secure unlock method, before loading account data. A number of popular password managers already have these features including Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password.

3. Picture-in-Picture mode

Android 8.0 users will be able to watch videos while doing other activities with their devices. This can be done thanks to the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode feature.

This feature was originally developed as part of Nougat, but only available on Android TV devices. But now can also be enjoyed on mobile phones and tablets. For the record, the application used must already support the PiP video. Some of which already support PiP videos are Chrome, YouTube and VLC.

To use it, the user must first start a video in full-screen mode and tap the “Home” button. Then the video size will decrease and can continue to watch while accessing other services such as calendar.

These three features are a simple example of some of the things that the sweet guy of Oreo has to offer. Nexus and Pixel will receive http://akunqq.com an update to Oreo in the near future, while the other device is a few months away.

This is the Strongest Builder Hall Structure in CoC You Can Use in TH3 and TH4

Game News – GameHere is the strongest Builder Hall setup in COC that you can design to strengthen the TH3 and TH 4 defenses you have.

Since its latest update, players can build their machine city at night. Different from the old building, now you will strengthen Builder Hall, which all the buildings back to level 1. Well, this time I will give you some of the strongest Builders Structure in COC that you can use to strengthen BH3 to BH4 that you have.

As we know before, the game system at night will be different from the COC game system in general. This time you will compete in real-time, so both teams will attack each other. Those who succeeded in giving the percentage of destruction to the Builder Hall composition of the enemy were the victors. Here is a composition of our strongest Builder Hall:

1 Builder Structure Town Hall 3

TH3 Difficult to Get 3 Star

The composition of this building does look open, but trap the player to use soldiers from the right and left side. The Hall Builder in this BH3 compound is surrounded by many defense buildings, forcing an opponent to use his entire army. But with the Crusher and Double Cannon, their troops will be easily defeated. You could say enemy attack can only survive up to 2 Stars only.


TH3 Funneling

In contrast to the above arrangement, this arrangement provides some miners inside the Wall, enabling enemies to do funneling before it can attack the main building. The advantage is that this arrangement makes it difficult for enemies using Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer to attack. But Boxing Giant can still be a threat


2. Builder Structure Town Hall 4

TH4 Difficult to Get 3 Star

The main axis of this formation is the Crusher that protects the Builder Hall very well. Of course this arrangement made the enemy send many suicide troops just to destroy Crusher first. The remaining soldiers will be wiped out by Double Cannon, Tesla, and a specially guarded Canon.

Guard Post is also able to outwit opponent soldiers, making them very difficult to finish off all existing buildings.


TH4 Funneling Trap

This arrangement forces the enemy to attack the open Hall Builder side and away from the Crusher. But they are not aware that there are many traps ready to finish off their attackers. Some miners will also give your defense time to finish them off.


TH4 Wall Funneling

This arrangement of buildings makes your enemies take a lot of time to do funneling. Of course this benefits you because the enemy will ligapoker88 need more troops to attack. Of course they will be difficult to level the composition of this base.