These 3 Things You Worth Knowing About Android Oreo

Smartphone Android Google has announced Orea as the name for the operating system (OS) Android 8.0 through live streaming in New York, United States, on Monday (21/08/2017) afternoon local time. Android Oreo is now available for testing or is in the developer preview stage.

Thanks to the developer preview stage, some of Andorid Oreo’s features can be tried. Indeed not all judi aduqq users can try Oreo, but the ranks of Android devices will definitely get an update to the OS this year.

Well if you are curious about Android Oreo, there are three important features that are quite interesting.

Here are a brief review of these three features as reported by Forbes, Tuesday (22/08/2017).


1. Background Limits

Android 8.0 will change the background process (background), which means it will change the workings of some applications. This change makes battery life a better one.

In addition, Android 8.0 will also identify applications that run in background services and have nothing to do with what users are doing on their phones. This feature, therefore, may have no effect on apps like music services running in the background. Possible impacts on apps like Snapchat in the background are feeds that will not be refreshed (updated).

In general, Oreo is smart enough not to access such applications. Thanks to this feature, Android Orea uses less power, thus making battery quality better.

2. Autofill API

Some people often forget their passwords, but it is necessary to keep accounts secure while surfing in cyberspace. A number of password manager apps that are on Android and are expected to help users, in fact not quite convenient to use.

Through the presence of Android 8.0, applications can register as autofill providers with a system that can facilitate users to login. Once the user selects the autofill provider in the language and input settings, Android will request the login details of the app, whenever required.

The system can also verify with a fingerprint scanner or secure unlock method, before loading account data. A number of popular password managers already have these features including Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password.

3. Picture-in-Picture mode

Android 8.0 users will be able to watch videos while doing other activities with their devices. This can be done thanks to the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode feature.

This feature was originally developed as part of Nougat, but only available on Android TV devices. But now can also be enjoyed on mobile phones and tablets. For the record, the application used must already support the PiP video. Some of which already support PiP videos are Chrome, YouTube and VLC.

To use it, the user must first start a video in full-screen mode and tap the “Home” button. Then the video size will decrease and can continue to watch while accessing other services such as calendar.

These three features are a simple example of some of the things that the sweet guy of Oreo has to offer. Nexus and Pixel will receive an update to Oreo in the near future, while the other device is a few months away.

5 Other Functions Airplane Mode That You Must Know

Smartphone news Other Functions Airplane Mode – Airplane Mode in the smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) must have a lot to know.

Airplane Mode or Flight Mode is provided for smartphone users who want to keep using their device without fear of disturbing the aircraft’s communication system while flying.

But in addition to safety, did you know that Airplane Mode has other functions that we can also use when we’re on land (not flying).

What are some other functions of Airplane Mode or Airplane Mode that you can use on land? Here are the full review:

Other Functions Airplane Mode (Flight Mode)

1. Save Battery

When we know the rest of our batteries a bit but we have to call someone some time later, then Airplane Mode we can use to help save battery. By activating the function, the background process on the smartphone or tablet system will stop.

2. Accelerate Rechargeable Battery

Not many know if the Airplane Mode can also help the process of charging the battery (Charging). If you are in a hurry to get your smartphone’s battery occupied immediately, then you can activate Airplane Modee while connecting the power cable.

When Airplane Modee is on, all connections like Mobile, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and location will be turned off. So that the battery power is not aspirated to do many activities other than refill, so the battery will fill up quickly.

3. Avoiding Disturbance

Smartphones sometimes become one of the distractions that can distract when we are concentrating or driving.

This is due to the sound or vibration of the notification issued, whether it be from incoming SMS messages, phone calls, or notifications from other chat apps.

The best way to avoid smartphone interruption while driving is to enable Airplane Modee. With the active Airplane Mode, there will be no incoming notifications that might bother you.

4. Reinforcing Signals

Feel the network you get is not that great? You can enable Airplane Modee feature. When Airplane Modee is on, it will disconnect all networks connected to your smartphone. When Airplane Modee is turned back on, your smartphone will automatically search for a new network.

5. Speed ​​up Android

One of the causes of Android slow is with the large number of incoming data traffic in our Android. When Airplane Modee is on, all data traffic will be turned off so as to make the smartphone will be fast again.

The final word

That’s some other function of Airplane Modee] that you can try. If you know more about other function modes or you have an interesting experience using Airplane Mode, you can share in comment field.

Playing 7 Most Fun Android Games July 2017 Edition, Free

Game apps You’re not tired of playing that game-that’s it? There are many interesting games that appear every week that you know, unfortunately missed.

On this occasion, Jaka will discuss the list of the most exciting Android games July 2017 edition that can be played for free alias free. Like Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Read more, see this article until it runs out.

Free Android Games Most Exciting July 2017 Edition

1. Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures

Ever heard of Kraken? A giant legendary monsters of the oceanic rulers. However, the picture is destroyed if you playing the game Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures.

Yes, here you will be accompanied by a very adorable little Kraken and together doing an incredibly exciting adventure.

2. Pianista

The next most exciting free Android game is Pianista. You must be familiar with Guitar Hero game? Well This pianista has the same gameplay with Guitar Hero.

The difference, this pianist uses classical music. So besides playing, you can also enjoy the music. Quite exciting right?

3. DOFUS Pets

Maintaining a pet like a cat or dog is certainly a fun thing. However, our daily busyness is sometimes not possible to have a pet.

Well DOFUS Pets will cure your longing to keep animals. This game is certainly very exciting, because you can keep from birth to large and the choice of animals that can be chosen too much.

4. Cubiscape

Cubiscape becomes the next most exciting Android puzzle game. There are 60 free levels that you can playing without advertising.

Cubiscape gameplay is very simple, you are required to put the ball to the destination while avoiding obstacles. Interestingly, there is an endless mode (artificial intelligence) with three levels of difficulty that make you addicted.

5. Dress Up Diary:Play with YooRa

The next most exciting free Android game is Dress Up Diary: Playing with YooRa which is the best fashion simulation game. Here you can learn fashion and realize your dreams as a fashion stylis by matching various types of clothing available in the game.

In addition, you can also find a partner. Dress Up Diary has a very interactive dating system, you will be taken into a romantic love journey and remind you of first love.

Be the princess by wearing a very elegant and contemporary outfit. There are also unique and cute clothes including Indonesian traditional clothes.

6. Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

Next comes the Futurama game: Worlds of Tomorrow which is now available on Android. The latest Android game is the latest game mish mash genre.

You can create your own version of New York City and then start an intergalactic adventure with the player’s favorite character from Futurama. This adventure involves exploring new planets and galaxies to repel enemies.

7. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

The last list in the most exciting free Android game article of July 2017 is Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Arguably, this game is similar to Clash of Clans but with Final Fantasy characters are definitely exciting.

Aplikasi dan Bagaimana Cara Kerja Dengan Ponsel Cerdas Anda?

Aplikasi Smartphone Setiap orang memiliki aplikasi akhir-akhir ini. Acara TV, situs web pada ponsel, perusahaan multinasional besar, bahkan firma taksi saudara laki-laki Anda melakukan bisnisnya melalui aplikasi iPhone – tapi apa kabar?

Nah, aplikasi pada dasarnya adalah program kecil dan mandiri, yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan fungsi yang ada, mudah-mudahan dengan cara yang sederhana dan mudah digunakan.

Ambil salah satu smartphone modern saat ini. Mereka semua hadir dengan browser web yang hebat, yang berarti Anda dapat melakukan banyak hal yang dapat Anda lakukan di komputer desktop di browser telepon.

Tapi mengotak-atik bar URL dan mengelola bookmark di ponsel, masih merupakan pengalaman yang sangat aneh dan tidak praktis. Itulah sebabnya mengapa banyak situs dan layanan online sekarang turun dari rute aplikasi mandiri, memberi mereka kontrol yang lebih baik terhadap pengalaman pengguna dan, semoga, membuat semuanya lebih sederhana dan cepat dibuka dan digunakan.

Ambil perbankan online. Anda bisa masuk ke situs web bank Anda menggunakan browser ponsel, tapi akan terasa sakit dalam kekacauan entri teks, mengubah ukuran layar sehingga Anda bisa melihat kotak kecil untuk PIN, harus masuk setiap saat dan Frustrasi modern yang lebih kecil.

Aplikasi perbankan menyederhanakan prosesnya, mengingat informasi login Anda untuk waktu berikutnya, dan menyajikan data penting tentang berapa banyak uang yang belum Anda dapatkan dalam huruf besar dan tebal, yang dirancang untuk membuat semuanya jauh lebih mudah dibaca pada tampilan telepon yang lebih kecil.

Dan itulah intinya dibalik kebanyakan aplikasi. Mereka bertujuan untuk membuat hidup lebih mudah dan tugas lebih sesuai untuk penggunaan mobile, jadi Anda cenderung tidak akan membuat ponsel Anda menjadi sangat marah.

Cara mengunduh aplikasi

Dari mana Anda mendapatkan aplikasi Anda bergantung pada jenis ponsel cerdas yang Anda gunakan. Tiga platform smartphone terbesar saat ini – Android, iOS dan Windows Phone – semuanya dilengkapi dengan situs web desktop yang dapat dilihat dan apl toko yang menyertainya yang terpasang sebagai bagian dari sistem operasi telepon.

Selain toko aplikasi resmi dari Apple, Google dan Microsoft, ada juga pilihan tidak resmi. Ambil aplikasi Android AppStore Android misalnya. Google tidak mengizinkan toko aplikasi pesaing untuk mendaftar di toko aplikasi sendiri, jadi Amazon Appstore harus diunduh ke ponsel melalui peramban web. Instal ini dan Anda disajikan dengan koleksi aplikasi Amazon sendiri, yang dapat menawarkan harga dan tingkat dukungan yang berbeda bila dibandingkan dengan opsi Google.

Dan, untuk melangkah lebih jauh, perangkat lunak Android yang terbuka memungkinkan seseorang memasang apapun dari web.

Namun, kebanyakan orang mengaitkan toko aplikasi tidak resmi dengan pembajakan, dengan banyak forum cerdik yang ada semata-mata untuk diperdagangkan di pasar karena aplikasi apl berbayar berbayar ilegal versi gratis. Masalah dengan turunnya rute gelap ini adalah Anda membuka telepon Anda hingga potensi serangan malware, tanpa bantuan yang tersedia jika aplikasi yang Anda pasang secara manual di luar lingkaran resmi akhirnya menghentikan iklan penurunan berat badan ke semua orang dalam daftar kontak Anda.

Toko aplikasi produsen

Untuk lebih membingungkan banyak hal, banyak ponsel Android dikirimkan dengan dua toko aplikasi terpisah – Play Play milik Google dan versi in-house yang ditawarkan oleh pembuatnya. HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung dan lainnya membuat daftar aplikasi kecil mereka sendiri untuk dipilih oleh pengguna, yang mereka gunakan untuk membantu ponsel mereka menonjol dari persaingan.

Seringkali layanan aplikasi merek ini adalah urusan yang sangat tidak berguna yang menduplikasi daftar Google sendiri, walaupun bisa bermanfaat untuk memberi Anda sedikit pengalaman curated dimana beberapa sekam disaring – meskipun ini biasanya berarti bermain dengan aman oleh Mempromosikan merek besar, aplikasi populer yang akan diunduh orang.

Mengelola dan menghapus aplikasi

Tiga besar ekosistem smartphone pasti ingin menghasilkan uang dari Anda pada titik tertentu, jadi jelas ada aplikasi yang mereka sukai tidak Anda hapus. Pengguna Apple sering kali membuang aplikasi “dipanggang” ke folder terpisah, karena ada banyak alat membingungkan yang telah terpasang sebelumnya di ponsel yang tidak pernah digunakan pengguna – dan Apple tidak akan membiarkan Anda menghapusnya.

Ponsel yang diberdayakan oleh OS Google Android juga akan menolak membiarkan Anda menginstal banyak aplikasi Google resmi, karena alat pencarian, surat dan pemetaan ini adalah kuda Trojan kecil yang digunakan pembuat perangkat lunak untuk menjual iklan berdasarkan pada pola penggunaan Anda. Oleh karena itu, Anda tidak dapat mencopot pemasangan perangkat seperti Google+, Gmail, atau aplikasi Maps dari sebagian besar ponsel dan tablet Android.

Perancang Windows Phone menawarkan alat serupa, membiarkan Anda membebaskan ruang memori dengan membolehkan aplikasi yang tidak diinginkan – namun hanya yang tidak dianggap penting oleh pembuat ponsel.

Dan jangan khawatir tentang menghapus sesuatu, karena Anda tidak akan pernah merusak telepon Anda dengan menghapus aplikasi apa pun. Anda mungkin saja kehilangan beberapa fungsi flashier.

3 Settings For Quota and Battery Android Smartphone More Powerful

Smartphone news – Tired of hell no longer fun-fun hanging out or again the way to where so, all of a sudden the smartphone battery runs out. Worse if you can SMS from the operator, your internet quota almost or already run out.

Actually you’re not alone you know, almost everyone who uses a smartphone must have felt it. Sure, there are many applications that claim to save battery and internet quota.

But, actually you do not need to install additional applications. Simply brain-tweaking the settings smartly, you can save internet quota and smartphone batery. Here’s the proof:

Smart Settings Can Save Internet Quota and Android Battery
1. Let Not Run Quotas, Enable Data Saver

Your smartphone already supports 4G connectivity and your area is also covered 4G network? You’re lucky, because the internet quota offered by operators on the 4G network is quite large.

But, if your smartphone is still 3G, you should really save Internet data packets. The reason, the quota provided on the 3G network is just a little and expensive too.

So for you 3G smartphone users or you are again the way to areas that are not covered 4G network, Data Saver feature is certainly really very useful. With this you can save data usage and can freely to determine which applications can get unlimited data access and limited data access.

By limiting the data of each application, the amount of data consumption will be adjusted according to the needs of each user. You can find Data Saver by going to Settings> Data Usage> Data Saver.

2. Let Smartphone Battery Durable, Enable Battery Saver

Smartphones today are more sophisticated yes, especially the front camera that make selfie more ciamik. But, if the battery runs out still not useful.

Fortunately there is already a battery saver feature called Batery Saver which is very useful. Once activated, Batery Saver will switch the smartphone to low power mode.

This setting will automatically dim the screen, turn off most background app activity, turn off location-based services, and more. You can find Batery Saver by going to Settings> Battery> Battery Saver.

3. With Mobile Manager, You Have Full Control

Especially for you ASUS Zenfone smartphone users, there is a cool feature that may be underestimated ie Mobile Manager. In it there is a data usage feature to control internet usage, you can even actually block the application to access the internet.

In addition, there is also a power saver to save battery, boost let smartphone performance is not slow, to mangatur permission application with ease.

The final word

Well that’s a smart setting that can save your internet quota and smartphone batery. You can adjust it with the circumstances, let not because the money did not run out because of buying internet data packet mulu and also saving battery at a certain time. What do you think?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Reviews, Features and Heroes

Smartphone Game Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang is a game moba game application that users can play on Mobile like a legend game that is Dota. So users will feel the game like playing dota and playing online with other players who use this game to have fun and do double kill triple kill and rampage

Explanation of Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

How to play quite easy after the user download this application then the user will directly go into this application must login to google to store data into google play. After entering into the game the user will be given a tutorial first to how where ara play this application. After enough understanding then the user will be given to the main screen. To try online against other players. And users also have to wait for existing opponents before the game and then select a new hero that users can new users can perform pengkillan like dota play.

Features – Features Available On Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

Feature – a feature here is a menu that can be clicked by users to assist users in playing or using this game application, the features contained in this application for example is prep, hero, fight, bag, achievement, leadersboard and shop

Features of Legends Mobile App Prep: Bang bang

The prep feature is useless for the user to see in terms of the skill players that the user wants to play at the moment. This feature will be very influential when users play this game because in this feature the user can adjust how much damage when the user plays this game

Feature of Hero Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

The Hero feature is useful for users seeing what heroes users have in the game so that users can see what heroes are suitable for users in playing this game so that users can help their friends in fighting the enemy.

Features Legend Mobile Application Bout: Bang bang

The battle feature here is pointless for users doing the battle things that are available in this game. This feature also includes the main features in this game as it is a core feature for users to play this game application. Therefore the user can see the whole in features

Features of Legends Mobile Application Bag: Bang bang

The bag feature here is pointless for the user to see what items the user gets in this game which is useless for the user is in accordance with the ability of the item. So the usefulness of the bag is to store the goods – goods that get in the game

Leaderboard Features Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

The Leaderboard feature here is helpful to see where your users are ranked. And here can also see ratings of other users who play this game. So it can be a pride if the user is ranked the top of this game and can share to the social media users have

Features of Legends Mobile Application Achievement: Bang bang

Feature achievement here is pointless to see what achievements in getting in this game application. So if users do something that is contained in this game application then the user will get the achievements provided in this application which will add xp from google play that the user has.

Features Mobile App Store Legends: Bang bang

The shop feature here is helpful for users to buy things and what heroes users can buy in this game to make users more choices in the hero that can be played. And so users do not get bored in playing this game

Tips and Tricks Mobile Legends Apps: Bang bang

The tip is to play continuously to train how to play in this app Trick is at the time of playing the user should be the right position at the time of play Because it determines how fast the user to avoid the opponent’s attack and attack the comrade.

According to Author’s Opinion About Mobile Applications Legends: Bang bang

For writers this app is a pretty good Moba app for the game lovers of moba and game lovers who berthemakan like dota game. Because this game is very visible almost similar to play and quite challenging to play for users who love challenge games


Legends Mobile Application Specs: Bang bang

Current version: (playstore) (Appstore)

December 4, 2016 (playstore)
Dec 05, 2016 (Appstore)

157 MB (Appstore)

Required Android version:
4.0.3 and higher

10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Rating: 12+

Video tutorial games mobile legends

Apa Itu Sistem Elektronik “OS Android” Dan “Sistem Android” Di Baterai

Smartphone news – Terlepas dari seberapa besar baterai dalam elektronik portabel kita, atau seberapa efisien kekuatan SoC mereka, sepertinya kita tidak memiliki kekuatan “cukup”. Untungnya, Android memungkinkan Anda melihat aplikasi dan proses apa yang menggunakan baterai Anda, sehingga Anda dapat melakukan tindakan perbaikan dan (idealnya) mendapatkan hasil maksimal dari mAh terbatas di sel LiPo Anda.

Lihatlah statistik Anda sendiri. Buka Pengaturan dan ketuk Baterai. Bergantung pada versi elektronik Android yang Anda jalankan dan seberapa berat OEM Anda menguliti perangkat Anda, Anda mungkin akan melihat diagram dengan daftar aplikasi dan proses di bawahnya. Pengguna daya terberat tercantum di bagian atas dengan persentase baterai Anda yang masing-masing bertanggung jawab untuk melahap.

Saat saya duduk di sini, saya memiliki baterai elektronik 88% pada Nexus 5 saya, layarnya bertanggung jawab atas 3% dari itu, Otomatis berada pada 3% juga, namun dua “layanan misteri” muncul: “OS Android “Dan” Sistem Android “(masing-masing 2% dan 1%). Apa yang mereka, dan mengapa mereka sering mengkonsumsi begitu banyak masa pakai baterai?

“Android OS” dan “Android System”

1% dan 2% tidak perlu dikhawatirkan, tapi hanya seperti yang dilaporkan perangkat elektronik saya sekarang. Pada akhir hari jumlahnya akan jauh berbeda. Beberapa pengguna bahkan melaporkan bahwa salah satu dari kedua proses tersebut menghasilkan 30 atau 40 persen penggunaan baterai di ponsel atau tablet mereka. Ada sesuatu yang tidak beres, tapi ada apa?

Sistem operasi adalah “benda” yang cukup besar. Ada puluhan ribu baris kode, bertindak sebagai lapisan abstraksi antara perangkat keras dan perangkat lunak, dan seringkali mencakup sekumpulan aplikasi dan layanan yang digabungkan bersama-sama. Microsoft Windows, misalnya, memberi Anda lingkungan yang Anda perlukan untuk dapat menjalankan aplikasi elektronik dan menyelesaikan pekerjaan. Ini berisi kerangka di mana pengemudi untuk potongan kait perangkat keras tertentu (kartu video, keyboard dan mouse, chip audio, adaptor jaringan, dsb.) Serta antarmuka (baik grafis atau command-line, atau keduanya) yang dengannya Anda berinteraksi Dengan perangkat lunak, dan aplikasi peluncuran.

Sebelum Windows benar-benar “diganti” DOS, saya menggunakan word processor bernama WordPerfect. Versi 6

Adalah aplikasi yang luar biasa. Novel WordPerfect 6.0c untuk DOSI tampak seperti aplikasi Windows (hampir), rasanya seperti aplikasi Windows (hampir), tapi bukan aplikasi Windows, itu adalah aplikasi DOS. Dengan demikian, harus lebih “mandiri” daripada program yang ditulis untuk Windows.

Saya memiliki printer dot-matrix elektronik yang sangat keren yang bahkan bisa mencetak warna. Warna! Ingat, ini kembali ketika bahkan kebanyakan bisnis harus mengirim pekerjaan cetak berwarna ke toko cetak di luar rumah. Terkadang aku merindukan klik dan dengungan NPR Pinwriter itu. Ada driver untuk Windows yang memungkinkan saya mencetak apapun yang saya inginkan dengan menggunakan sihir penuh warna. Sayangnya, begitu saya menyalakan WordPerfect, saya kehilangan kemampuan untuk mencetak dalam warna. Mengapa? Program DOS memerlukan driver cetak mereka sendiri, dan pada saat driver untuk printer saya tidak mendukung warna.

“Apa hubungannya dengan Android, Joe ?!”

Tahan kuda-kudamu, aku sampai di sana! Astaga! Windows memiliki driver untuk semua perangkat keras Anda yang sudah terpasang dan dikonfigurasi. Sebaliknya, ketika Anda mendapatkan perangkat keras baru, Anda menginstal drivernya ke Windows.

Program yang ditulis untuk Windows tidak harus menyertakan dukungan untuk semua komponen tersebut secara terpisah, mereka hanya perlu menghubungkan ke apa yang Anda instal Windows yang ditawarkan. Hal ini membuat pengembang fokus pada solusi yang mereka hadapi. Dalam hal ini, pengembang bisa fokus untuk membuat pengolah kata yang lebih baik, dan tidak perlu khawatir menulis driver cetak untuk ribuan printer yang ada di pasaran. Permainan tidak harus menyertakan driver audio untuk berbagai kartu suara dan driver video untuk berbagai kartu video, mereka hanya menggunakan apa pun yang diberikan Windows.

Begitulah cara kerja sistem operasi modern. Diterapkan ke Android, aplikasi tidak lagi harus menulis kode untuk berbicara dengan chip GPS Anda, LED flash kamera Anda (atau bahkan kamera itu sendiri), atau komponen perangkat keras lainnya di ponsel atau tablet Anda. Android menyediakan API yang memungkinkan aplikasi untuk berbicara dengan perangkat ini. Semakin jauh perangkat keras Anda disarikan dari aplikasi yang Anda jalankan, semakin sedikit waktu pengembangan aplikasi yang dibutuhkan. Aplikasi bisa ditulis lebih cepat, lebih baik, dan lebih kecil karena sistem operasi menangani angkat berat.

Itu membawa kita kembali ke “OS Android” dan “Android System” di laporan baterai Anda.

Saat sebuah aplikasi ingin tahu di mana Anda berada, itu akan meminta Android. Saat statistik baterai Anda dilaporkan, ini adalah “Android” yang menggunakan baterai untuk menentukan lokasi Anda, bukan Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Waze, atau aplikasi geo-aware lain yang Anda gunakan. Kesadaran lokasi hanyalah satu contoh. Kita bisa berbicara tentang aplikasi yang menggunakan data dari barometer, pedometer, sensor cahaya, magnetometer, dll. Tapi geo-lokasi mungkin yang paling mudah untuk dibicarakan untuk menggambarkan konsep tersebut.

Semuanya berperilaku sebagaimana mestinya, tapi laporan baterai Anda tidak membantu seperti yang Anda inginkan. Anda ingin tahu aplikasi akunqq apa yang menggunakan lebih banyak baterai dari pada yang Anda inginkan, lalu memberi tekanan pada pengembangnya untuk memperbaikinya, bukan? Kami belum sampai di sana, dan bahkan dengan kemajuan dalam pelaporan baterai yang masuk di Android 5.0 Lollipop, melacak pelaku gangguan melahap tidak begitu jelas seperti yang kami inginkan. Belum juga, tapi kita membuat kemajuan!

How to Create BBM Group in Android Technology Smartphone

Smartphone application How to create a group BBM (BLackberry Messenger) on Android is actually very easy.

But not everyone knows how to get started. Okay, in the following tutorial you will learn step by step to create a group of BBM on your Android device.

Fuel Groups that are normally enabled to group the Blackberry Messenger contacts that are categorized together, such as a group of school friends, coworkers groups, small family groups, etc. are indeed features that are fun and should not be missed.

Here’s an easy step how to create a BBM group on Android:
1. Open the BBM app already installed on your Android device

Next follow the steps on number 2,

2. Tap on the group icon (which has two pictures of the person), usually located next to the right corner

3. Then tap again on the 3 dot icon located at the top

4. Select “create new group”


5. Enter the group name, the group description, and also replace the group icon as desired and then tap on the “save” button located at the top right. Done, new group is finished!

As for adding members to the group, the way is also very easy. Just go into the group BBM and tap on the 3 point icon located at the top right. Then tap “add contact”.

There are various methods available. Can use barcodes, add PINs, add BBM contacts, or add invitations via email.

It should be noted that this tutorial is made using BBM version so if possible there is a screenshot that is not in accordance with that exist in your Android device, then stay adjusted only akunqq . Or if you are still confused and there are other things you want to ask, please leave your comment. If indeed we can answer it, it will be replied soon, okay?

How to Create Icon Download for Android App Campaign

Smartphone news Promotions made to introduce our application, can be done in various ways, one of them by installing the badge “Download” in our promotion. And maybe we are familiar with buttons that read “Get it on Google Play” or “Discover on Google Play”.

The image is an image that was inaugurated by Google for as a means of promotion of our android app. Getting a picture / badge is not difficult, just look at Google Image we can directly use it for the benefit of our campaign. However, Google has created a page that gives instructions for using badges while generating badges with high resolution and small file sizes.


Use of Google play badge has some tips that should be followed by the Developer. The following tips:

1.Never use old version badges.

2.Do not change background color badge

3.Do not change, remove or change the position of writing and icon in the picture.

4.Make sure the badge is not blurry and can be read clearly.

– Adjust the badge language according to the language when promoted.

– Badges / badges can only be used to foment content –
Available in google play.

– Use of Google play badge must go through review and approval by Google play partner brand if:
* Featured in television commercials.
* Outside marketing shop.
* Ad campaigns that reach 1 million views.
* To submit the marketing approval above, open this link.


How to Generate Badge Automatically

Creating a Google Play badge is very easy and fast. Here are the steps:

– Visit the Google Play Badges page.
– Scroll down to the “badge generator”
– In the Language column, match your application language. If your application speak “indonesia” then choose “indonesian”.

* In the Deliverable Type section, select Digital if the promotion is only through the internet / computer.

* If your app is already available on Google Play, then enter the app link into the Play Store URL.
* Done.

If you want to download the image, then press the blue “Download” button below the page.

If you want to directly use the badge, you can copy the HTML Badge to the right of the screen and pastekan diblog or wherever you want.

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This is the Strongest Builder Hall Structure in CoC You Can Use in TH3 and TH4

Game News – GameHere is the strongest Builder Hall setup in COC that you can design to strengthen the TH3 and TH 4 defenses you have.

Since its latest update, players can build their machine city at night. Different from the old building, now you will strengthen Builder Hall, which all the buildings back to level 1. Well, this time I will give you some of the strongest Builders Structure in COC that you can use to strengthen BH3 to BH4 that you have.

As we know before, the game system at night will be different from the COC game system in general. This time you will compete in real-time, so both teams will attack each other. Those who succeeded in giving the percentage of destruction to the Builder Hall composition of the enemy were the victors. Here is a composition of our strongest Builder Hall:

1 Builder Structure Town Hall 3

TH3 Difficult to Get 3 Star

The composition of this building does look open, but trap the player to use soldiers from the right and left side. The Hall Builder in this BH3 compound is surrounded by many defense buildings, forcing an opponent to use his entire army. But with the Crusher and Double Cannon, their troops will be easily defeated. You could say enemy attack can only survive up to 2 Stars only.


TH3 Funneling

In contrast to the above arrangement, this arrangement provides some miners inside the Wall, enabling enemies to do funneling before it can attack the main building. The advantage is that this arrangement makes it difficult for enemies using Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer to attack. But Boxing Giant can still be a threat


2. Builder Structure Town Hall 4

TH4 Difficult to Get 3 Star

The main axis of this formation is the Crusher that protects the Builder Hall very well. Of course this arrangement made the enemy send many suicide troops just to destroy Crusher first. The remaining soldiers will be wiped out by Double Cannon, Tesla, and a specially guarded Canon.

Guard Post is also able to outwit opponent soldiers, making them very difficult to finish off all existing buildings.


TH4 Funneling Trap

This arrangement forces the enemy to attack the open Hall Builder side and away from the Crusher. But they are not aware that there are many traps ready to finish off their attackers. Some miners will also give your defense time to finish them off.


TH4 Wall Funneling

This arrangement of buildings makes your enemies take a lot of time to do funneling. Of course this benefits you because the enemy will ligapoker88 need more troops to attack. Of course they will be difficult to level the composition of this base.