Mush Play! 7 This Game is More Cool Overwatch

You’ll love to spend your free time playing games. Of those games, one of the most exciting is the themed shoot-out. In addition to improving adrenaline, you can also train the speed of reflexes. One of the most famous is Overwatch.

Who the hell does not know the game Overwatch. Most of the gamers must have played the game. But this time I am here to discuss about 7 Overwatch Similar Games You Must Try! Curious what? Let’s see the full review below.

Require Play! 7 More Cool Games Overwatch!

1. Dirty Bomb
The first Overwatch-like game is Dirty Bomb. Dirty Bomb sbobet can be said to combine elements of FPS fast paced ala Call of Duty and Counter Strike, objective mission ala Battlefield style, and class system ala Team Fortress 2.

At least based on various videos from PAX last year to closed beta now. This combination creates an FPS that requires teamwork and coordinated attacks.

2. Day of Defeat Source
Day of Defeat is a team-based first-person multiplayer game. Initially this game is a modification of the Half-Life game of 1998. Day of Defeat: This source was released by Valve in 2005 ago. By utilizing the new Source engine, re-make displays various improvements from gameplay, graphics, and audio functions.

3. Enemy Territory Quake Wars
Game developed by Splash Damage and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Combined games between team-based action gameplay and RTS.

4. Gotham City Impostors
One of the best games like Overwatch, because this game is one of the most played FPS games. Here you can also choose the characters you like like criminals or others.

5. Warframe
You will play as one of the Tenno clan warriors, an ancient clan who slept for centuries and finally wakes up to fight. Your opponent is the Grineer, a cloned humanoid race and has a strong military capability; Corpus, a corporation that has a robot army; and Infested, which is a victim of the Technocyte virus.

6. Tribes Ascend
The next overwatch game is Trives Ascend. Game Tribes Ascend is a free-to-play game developed by HirezStudios. Designed to be played on your PC, this game has been loved by many gamers.

Unique skills make the characters in this game awesome, powerful weapons become one of the advantages as well. The movement of characters in the Tripes game makes the battlefield look interesting.

7. Planetside 2
This game tells an epic battleground on a tremendous scale. Not only dozens or dozens, hundreds of people can fight each other under the banner of their respective factions with different roles.

Attempts to take control of other factions’ territories were pursued through massive warfare supported by powerful warfare vehicles and technology.

It always becomes something that makes the hair go cold whenever you see how certain factions coordinate and begin to mobilize large-scale troops to fight on the front lines.