5 The World’s Most Famous Dota2, What’s Your Favorite?

Game Online Dota2 is one of the most popular MOBA games in the universe. Almost never replaced since the beginning of its appearance, this game has millions of players from all over the world.

However, if talking about Dota 2, of course we will also go to the hero in the game. So who is the most famous hero? Here are 5 Most Famous Dota 2 Hero.


Hero Dota 2 Most Famous

It feels ‘haram’ if we do not include the Juggernaut in this list. Not only his cool looks, he also has a useful ability for the game.

If you need a carry in the game, and do not know who to choose, Juggernaut is the right choice.

Because it can use many items effectively and less complicated skills, you can make it useful in games, even if you are not a pro.


The average hero Dota 2 has four skills, but Invoker has 14 skills. But in most of its use must use combo that you have to memorize.

Perhaps after hearing this, many players will avoid using Invoker, but if you keep practicing and competent in using it, it will certainly be a terrible thing.

Bright with the many abilities that he has, the players who can control it, would be very useful to win the game.


Sniper actually has always been a joke in the community of Dota 2. Sluggish and HP is thin enough, making it seem not so useful. But when he is ‘so’, he can issue a terrible attack.

If the enemy is dealing with a player who uses Sniper, he must choose a hero that can dispel the attack as well as his movement. Otherwise the game could have ended in shame.


Carry who has a really destructive attack, of course is Phantom Assassin. Although he also has a weakness against magic attacks, but he is often a popular choice of players around the world. Those of you who have characters playing with Power Attack can certainly maximize this hero, with 1 crit 1 kill.


An obnoxious butcher, his ability to attract opponents with chains like Scorpion characters from Mortal Kombat.

Pudge is often a troublesome figure and reluctant to be approached by other players, because of his annoying ability.

Once he gets the enemy he pulls, he will choke you with poison, which literally means eating you alive.

The final word

That’s 5 Hero Dota 2 Most Famous. So which hero is your favorite? Write in the comment field below yes!

By the way about Dota2, it turns out there are some heroes of the game is similar to one of the Android game is quite phenomenal. Yes! Especially if not 7 Paladin: RPG 3D Fantasy.

Hero-hero Dota2 with 7 Paladin-like characteristics include: Centaur, Lion, Shadow Fiend, Treant Protector and Queen akunqq.com of Pain.