Tutorial and REVIEW Final Fantasy XII: The Age of Zodiac

Online games Ten years ago Square Enix has released the Final Fantasy XII series for the PlayStation 2, although it’s been a while but the gameplay offered on the game is timeless as it still gives its own pleasure to the grinding lovers. Especially now the sophistication of PS2 emulators in smartphones and PCs, allowing gamers to be able to reminisce again with the game.

Square Enix has now re-released the Final Fantasy XII series: The Zodiac Age brings some changes in it, not only graphics but also some additions that make it easy to play. The addition of new features has also been embedded in The Zodiac Age version so that new gamers who know Final Fantasy can easily understand what is picked up on The Zodiac Age.

Here is trailer launch trailer from Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

In the aspect of the Final Fantasy XII storyline: The Zodiac Age still brings conflict between the two kingdoms, the kingdom of Dalmasca and Archadia. The conflict began when the Dalmasca empire had the ambition to dominate the Dalmasca empire. As in real life, in this game there will be elements of political conflict and prolonged warfare, until finally the Dalmatian empire must admit defeat to Archadia. Well, in this game the gamer will be assigned to regain the independence of the Dalmasca empire from Archadia.

If in some other Final Fantasy series there is a main character that can be played throughout the game, then in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age you will feel various characters. The characters that appear in this game include Vaan, Penelo, Balthier “The Leading Man”, Fran, Basch and Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca or Ashe who is a daughter of Dalmasca kingdom.

Ivalice World

Two kingdoms in conflict in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is in a world of imagination called Ivalice, where the world is depicted with a world that has advanced but also has a mystery stored in it. So when gamers will do the adventure, do not be amazed to see the beautiful world of Ivalice because behind all that there are monsters that are quite difficult when playing.

Each Final Fantasy series has its own distinctive features, in Final Fantasy XII known as a series that has a map that is not too big and not too short like Bandai Namco serial tales. So gamers will not feel saturated while exploring.

Gambit System

The striking difference in The Zodiac Age version is the presence of the Gambit System feature, where this feature provides the convenience of an online game. Gamers can configure actions automatically, so the entire game control depends on the strategy that the Gambit System applies.

Zodiac Job System

Dalam Zodiac Job System ini terdapat 12 job yang tersedia, gamer akan dapat memilih 2 job untuk setiap karakter dan sayangnya ketika sudah memilih, gamer tidak bisa mengganti job. Adapun job yang disediakan diantaranya Archer (Sagitarius), Black Mage (capricorn), Bushi (Aquarius), Foebreaker (Scorpio), Knight (Leo), Machinicst (Gemini), Monk (Virgo), Red Battlemage (Cancer), Shikari (Pisces), Time Battlemage (Libra), Uhlan (Taurus), dan White Mage (Aries).

Break Damage Limit

One point of interest in The Zodiac Age is Break Damage Limit, because the playable character can inflict greater damage than the limit of the PS2 version of the FFXII. Of course it will make it easy for gamers to defeat monsters that have a lot of HP. Although not all boss monsters can be easily defeated, as they require the appropriate Gambit System settings.


More Effect in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age can be felt when it’s grinding, the Gambit System’s feature makes gamers do not have to bother pressing the button to defeat the enemy. With proper Gambit feeding strategies.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has the advantage of the PS2 version, where new gamers know the existence of the series can easily play it when compared to its PS2 version. In terms of graphics quality will not feel much significant changes, PS2 graphics elements will still feel thick on some scenes.

Gameplay that carried Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is also very complete, because gamers do not need to bother to defeat the enemy. Utilizing the Gambit System with the right formula and Zodiac Job selection that suits the needs of the grinding elements in this game will be very feels very easy to do.

This game is perfect for gamers who want to feel the fun of grinding while relaxing and do not want to rush to finish akunqq.com the story, especially have a lot of time to be able to do grinding and improve the character for the greater. In addition, in terms of story concepts offered in this game less bite than the series Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII.

So, for you fans of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XII series: The Zodiac Age is not disappointing or can be juxtaposed with the PS2 version. All the convenience and the latest features in this game is inversely proportional to the same perception as the PS2. Therefore, The Zodiac Age version is very worthy for you to have.