Art of War, Best Strategy Game from Developer Rules of Survival!

Who does not know the rising NetEase diversion engineers? Amusement engineers from China is rising in light of the fact that the diversion that they discharge is occupied played by cell phone clients on the planet, the Rules of Survival.

Notwithstanding the amusement Rules of Survival, NetEase additionally has another diversion that is blasting in China, to be specific Art of War. He cried once more, the amusement will be distributed in Indonesia under the title Art of War: Battle of Luoyang by Indonesia’s driving diversion distributer, MainGames.

Created NetEase, Art of War Ready to Release in Indonesia!

Specialty of War: The Battle of Luoyang is an amusement that consolidates procedure and strategies diversion for bad-to-the-bone gamers with fundamental history of 3 kingdoms. Since the amusement is blasting in his local nation, the NetEare engineers need players in the Southeast Asian district can likewise attempt this current diversion’s energy by snaring nearby distributers from Indonesia that is MainGames. Past MainGames are exceptionally fruitful in discharging SLG recreations with a similar topic that is Conquest 3 Kingdoms.

Try not to need to miss the energy of playing the diversion Art of War: The Battle of Luoyang? As of now Pre-Registration for Art of War amusement is as yet open lho. You can quickly get select prizes when the amusement is discharged later. Bear in mind likewise to like Fanpage Officially to get the most recent data.

Highlight Mainstay Art of War: Battle of Luoyang

Notwithstanding having the capacity to get select prizes on the off chance that you take after Pre-Registration Art of War amusement layarkaca, you will be dealt with to numerous energizing highlights in the best procedure diversion Art of War. What makes the Art of War diversion: The skirmish of Luoyang merits playing? Here are the principle highlights:

1. Construct Town

City is a standout amongst the most essential things in this diversion, a city will decide how huge and solid your character is. The more prosperous the city you have, the more grounded the kingdom and the general population you have.

2. General

The general you have may likewise decide your triumph and your quality. All the verifiable figures from the incredible officers get ready to serve you folks like Guanyu, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Lu Bu, and numerous different acclaimed commanders.

3. Faction

The Clan is shaped so you can set and choose who is best to overcome another faction and have 1 vision to ace the amusement. As the colloquialism goes, 1 adversary is excessively, 1000 companions is pretty much nothing.

4. 1 Capital

With Clan system and support, make cooperations and coalitions to take control of the Capital. Perfection responsible for the Capital will get numerous advantages extending from financial exchange courses, bounteous sustenance, prosperous individuals, and expanded troop quality

5. Set Formation

Winning isn’t just about the powers of the armed force and the General, yet assault development and assault strategies are likewise required. Demonstrate your capacities on the off chance that you feel a strategist. Each General has points of interest and shortcomings that you can learn.

Only 5 includes that aja? Obviously not, on account of there are numerous more highlights that can be played, for example, situations, day by day journeys, day by day occasions, city strikes, get mining, and substantially more!

In this way, let you all not miss to join when the diversion is opened, ensure you take after this Pre-Registration occasion well. By following Pre-Registration, you will get an exceptional prize offered just to players who take after this occasion.

It ought to be recollected well, players who don’t take after Pre-Registration at that point won’t get this unique prize. What’s more, you will likewise get the most recent data and refreshed when the diversion has been authoritatively opened.

PS Plus PS4, PS3, Game PS Vita Gratis untuk Oktober 2017 Sekarang

Game online Kami sekarang sampai Oktober, dan jika Anda belum melakukannya, ada rangkaian permainan PS ( PlayStation Plus ) baru untuk bulan ini untuk diklaim. Siapa pun yang berlangganan Plus memiliki total enam game untuk diunduh, tersebar merata di PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, dan Vita – walaupun pemilik PS4 tidak diragukan lagi memiliki pilihan terbaik.

Sorotan Oktober tidak diragukan lagi game PS4 headlining, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Pendahulunya, Ground Zeroes, telah ditawarkan sebelumnya, namun The Phantom Pain adalah pengalaman yang jauh lebih penting. Meskipun bukan akhir dari seri Metal Gear – masih ada Metal Gear Survive yang akan datang, paling tidak – The Phantom Pain adalah game terakhir yang menampilkan partisipasi Hideo Kojima, yang menciptakan franchise ini.

Selain itu, gratis PS4 termasuk yang sempurna dengan Halloween muncul. Amnesia Collection juga gratis; Ini adalah kompilasi dari dua permainan horor yang berbeda: Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Mesin untuk Babi. Dua pertandingan tambahan lainnya dapat diperoleh secara gratis di PS4 bulan ini, berkat Cross-Buy yang didukung oleh game Vita bulan Oktober, HUT Angkatan Udara dan Hue. Penawaran bulan ini dibulatkan oleh dua game PS3 gratis, Hustle Kings dan Monster Jam Battlegrounds. Pemilik PS3 juga mendapatkan akses ke Sky Force Anniversary, yang sebenarnya mendukung Cross-Buy tiga arah.

Waktu sudah habis untuk That’s You, sebuah freebie yang telah ada untuk sementara waktu sekarang tapi keluar dari rotasi gratis pada tanggal 24 Oktober. Game gratis lainnya, judul PSVR RIGS, akan kembali ke harga regulernya pada tanggal 7 November.

Akhirnya, anggota Plus masuk ke dalam beta tertutup untuk Hand of the Gods, game baru pengembang Smite Hi-Rez Studios. Untuk membantu memulai, pelanggan Plus dapat mendownload paket DLC yang mencakup berbagai barang gratis untuk membantu mereka memulai.

Semua barang gratis ini untuk diunduh di PlayStation Store sekarang juga. Mereka bisa diklaim baik melalui sistem masing-masing maupun di situs PSN. Anda bisa mendapatkan game gratis PS Plus di bulan November yang akan segera diumumkan.

Oktober 2017 Game PlayStation Plus Gratis

Playstation 4
– Koleksi Amnesia
– Hue
– Metal Gear Solid V: Nyeri Phantom
– Ulang Tahun Angkatan Darat

Playstation 3
– raja hiruk pikuk
– Rakasa Jam Battlegrounds
– Ulang Tahun Angkatan Darat

– Hue
– Ulang Tahun Angkatan Darat

Playing 7 Most Fun Android Games July 2017 Edition, Free

Game apps You’re not tired of playing that game-that’s it? There are many interesting games that appear every week that you know, unfortunately missed.

On this occasion, Jaka will discuss the list of the most exciting Android games July 2017 edition that can be played for free alias free. Like Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Read more, see this article until it runs out.

Free Android Games Most Exciting July 2017 Edition

1. Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures

Ever heard of Kraken? A giant legendary monsters of the oceanic rulers. However, the picture is destroyed if you playing the game Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures.

Yes, here you will be accompanied by a very adorable little Kraken and together doing an incredibly exciting adventure.

2. Pianista

The next most exciting free Android game is Pianista. You must be familiar with Guitar Hero game? Well This pianista has the same gameplay with Guitar Hero.

The difference, this pianist uses classical music. So besides playing, you can also enjoy the music. Quite exciting right?

3. DOFUS Pets

Maintaining a pet like a cat or dog is certainly a fun thing. However, our daily busyness is sometimes not possible to have a pet.

Well DOFUS Pets will cure your longing to keep animals. This game is certainly very exciting, because you can keep from birth to large and the choice of animals that can be chosen too much.

4. Cubiscape

Cubiscape becomes the next most exciting Android puzzle game. There are 60 free levels that you can playing without advertising.

Cubiscape gameplay is very simple, you are required to put the ball to the destination while avoiding obstacles. Interestingly, there is an endless mode (artificial intelligence) with three levels of difficulty that make you addicted.

5. Dress Up Diary:Play with YooRa

The next most exciting free Android game is Dress Up Diary: Playing with YooRa which is the best fashion simulation game. Here you can learn fashion and realize your dreams as a fashion stylis by matching various types of clothing available in the game.

In addition, you can also find a partner. Dress Up Diary has a very interactive dating system, you will be taken into a romantic love journey and remind you of first love.

Be the princess by wearing a very elegant and contemporary outfit. There are also unique and cute clothes including Indonesian traditional clothes.

6. Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

Next comes the Futurama game: Worlds of Tomorrow which is now available on Android. The latest Android game is the latest game mish mash genre.

You can create your own version of New York City and then start an intergalactic adventure with the player’s favorite character from Futurama. This adventure involves exploring new planets and galaxies to repel enemies.

7. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

The last list in the most exciting free Android game article of July 2017 is Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Arguably, this game is similar to Clash of Clans but with Final Fantasy characters are definitely exciting.

5 Reasons You Must Play Mobile Arena Instead of Mobile Legends

Game news Currently Challengers (MOBA players) can enjoy the thrill of playing MOBA DotA 2 games, League of Legends and Mobile Arena anywhere through smartphones.

After Vainglory and Mobile Legends, MOBA game lovers (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) back pampered with the presence of Mobile Arena on Android and iOS.

Mobille Arena itself was developed by Tencent and brought in by the game publisher Garena. So, arguably Mobille Arena is a mobile version of League of Legends which is also held by Garena Indonesia.

Here are some reasons why you should play Mobile Arena games instead of Mobile Legends.


Reasons Why You Should Play Mobile Arena

1. True Fair Mobile MobA

No pay to win, pure skill! There are no special purchases for additional status. Yes, the hero skin in Mobile Arena is 100 percent just costume, winning and losing depends only on the skills you have.

2. Can be Played on Smartphone with 1 GB RAM

With HD graphics display, Mobile Arena claimed to still be played only by using a smartphone that has 1 GB of RAM only. The size of Mobile Arena game itself about 300 MB, once installed and summed up with data can reach 800 MB. Reasonable, given the graphical display that spoil the eye

3. There are 6 Game Mode Options

Mobile Arena provides six game mode options namely Grand Battle, Hook Wars, and Abyssal Clash for 5VS5. Then, Valley Skirmish for 3VS3 and Solo Battle for 1VS1.

Grand Battle is the main Antaris Arena in the Mobille Arena, where 5 Heroes from each team are met. The Arena consists of 3 Lane and the Jungle area. The winner of this fight is a team that can first destroy the enemy base.

Meanwhile, in this Hook Wars mode, you and your team will be challenged to master the control zone by placing as many team members as possible in the face of the battle against the attack of opposing teams that attempt to conquer each team member.

Then, Abyssal Clash offers you the opportunity to fight until the last blood drops with your friends in an area called Abyss Canyon.

4. Local Server Without Connection Disorder

To accommodate players from Indonesia, Mobile Arena is present in a dedicated local server so players can play uninterrupted connections.

Match making in just a few seconds and feel the battle fiercely anywhere and anytime.

5. Play NEW Hero range every week

There will be more than 30 unique Hero choices with cool character and character design. Play NEW Hero range every week

The final word

In short the MOBA Mobille Arena game tells about the war between the gods against the Devil. Mankind began to rise to give resistance, as a form of new power. The situation is increasingly chaotic because of the war that gets bigger.

Finally, the Creator created a new arena as a place for gods, demons, humans and mythical beings to finish the battle through the fight at the Antares Arena at Mobile Arena. Good luck yes.

Bagaimana Mode Windows10 Akan Membuat Game PC Berjalan Baik

Dunia permainan Game mode yang ditakdirkan untuk sampai pada Pembaruan Pembuat Windows 10 telah menggoda menggoda selama berbulan-bulan sekarang, namun sekarang Microsoft menarik kembali teknologi keterbukaan pada tirai-agak-pada performa.

Game Mode dirancang untuk memfokuskan sumber daya PC Anda pada permainan yang sedang Anda mainkan untuk meningkatkan frame rate. Ia melakukannya dengan mengutak-atik bagaimana Windows menangani tugas pengalokasian ke prosesor dan kartu grafis Anda, manajer program Xbox Kevin Gammill mengungkapkan dalam serangkaian wawancara.

Di bagian depan grafis, Game Mode memaksa Windows untuk memberikan lebih banyak siklus pemrosesan GPU Anda ke permainan Anda, dan bukan pada proses latar belakang, kata Gammill kepada PC Gamer. Perpecahan yang tepat akan berbeda pada setiap sistem, tergantung pada perangkat keras dan perangkat lunak yang Anda jalankan, namun Gammill membuat sebuah titik untuk menekankan bahwa Game Mode pasti akan mengurangi kinerja grafis operasi latar belakang.

Jika Anda menjalankan tugas Lightroom Light yang intens di latar belakang saat Anda bermain game dengan Mode Game diaktifkan – mengapa Anda akan melakukannya? -Peristiwa akan meningkat. Ke dalam menonton video saat Anda bermain? Game Mode juga bisa dibuat, katakanlah, Netflix atau YouTube menenggak jika GPU Anda diraih maksimal, kata Gammill kepada Rock Paper Shotgun.

Game Mode juga mengikuti jejak DirectX 12 dengan mengoptimalkan bagaimana CPU Anda berperilaku saat bermain game. Saat fitur diaktifkan, Windows akan mendedikasikan sejumlah benang CPU Anda ke permainan saja, memaksa semua perangkat lunak dan proses latar belakang untuk melawan potongan-potongan itu. Bagian atas yang dipanggang memungkinkan permainan Anda berjalan dengan lancar meskipun permintaan CPU tiba-tiba meningkat, sehingga menghasilkan kinerja keseluruhan yang lebih konsisten, kata Gammill kepada PC Gamer.

Sekarang bagi sebagian gamers PC telah menunggu untuk mendengar: Mode Game akan bekerja dengan game Windows Store yang dirancang sebagai aplikasi Windows universal dan juga permainan “Win32” tradisional. Game Windows Store kemungkinan akan mendapat peningkatan kinerja yang sedikit lebih besar dari Game Modee daripada game tradisional, kata Gammill kepada Ars Technica. Itu karena Mode Game memusatkan sumber daya PC Anda pada program di latar depan, dan permainan tradisional sering kali membuat banyak proses atau menjalankan layanan latar agar berjalan dengan baik.

“Tidak mungkin di tingkat platform untuk benar-benar tahu di mana permainan [Win32] dimulai dan berhenti,” kata Gammill kepada PC Gamer. “Anda bisa memiliki sejumlah layanan Windows yang sedang berjalan, kami tidak tahu apakah itu bagian dari permainan atau tidak, bahwa permainan tersebut sedang ditelepon. UWP lebih merupakan paket yang terkandung, dan Anda tahu dari mana mulai dan berhenti. ”

Anda harus mengaktifkan Mode Permainan dalam opsi Gaming baru yang terdapat di Setelan Pembaruan Pembuka 10 Windows. “Kami akan memiliki apa yang kami sebut sebagai daftar yang disetujui atau daftar putih permainan yang kami rasa sangat nyaman dan kami ingin mengaktifkannya dari gerbang. Mereka akan dinyalakan secara default, “kata Gammill kepada Rock Paper Shotgun.

Tapi Anda bisa mengaktifkan-atau menonaktifkan-Game Mode untuk permainan kapan saja dengan menekan Win + G untuk membuka Windows Game Bar saat Anda memainkannya. Buka bagian Pengaturan Game Bar dan Anda akan menemukan opsi untuk mengaktifkan Mode Permainan. Anda harus melakukan ini secara terpisah untuk setiap permainan yang tidak ada dalam daftar putih Microsoft (yang akan diperbarui secara berkala).

Pertanyaan jutaan dolar itu

Akhirnya, Game Mode adalah tentang peningkatan kinerja game. Jadi, berapa banyak kinerja ekstra yang akan diterima game? Microsoft mengatakan kepada Ars Technica bahwa pihaknya melihat peningkatan kinerja 2-5 persen dalam game yang diikat CPU atau GPU. Gammill menekankan pada PC Gamer bahwa Microsoft berencana untuk terus meningkatkan Game Mode dari waktu ke waktu, namun dorongan tersebut sebenarnya tidak mencair pada blush at first blush.

Semua itu mengatakan, Game Mode nampaknya lebih mengasyikkan bagiku karena mengetahui beberapa detailnya ada di tempat terbuka. Tentu, peningkatan kinerja yang ringan bukanlah sesuatu yang bisa ditulis di rumah, tapi sebagian besar permainan membuat halus adalah konsistensi frame rate. Konsistensi adalah mengapa Anda ingin menonaktifkan sebanyak mungkin program dan proses saat Anda bermain game di PC dengan keuletan yang terbatas.

Rasio frame yang berfluktuasi dapat menghasilkan pengalaman gaming yang jangkung dan tidak menyenangkan; Saya lebih suka bermain game dengan frame rate yang lebih rendah tapi konsisten daripada permainan dengan frame rate yang lebih tinggi namun tidak konsisten kapan saja. Di atas kertas, tweak GPU dan CPU yang dipaksakan oleh Game Mode sepertinya harus melakukan pekerjaan keras untuk membantu permainan berjalan lebih mulus, jika tidak lebih cepat – terutama pada PC yang menggoda dengan batas perangkat keras mereka. Saya sangat optimis.

Ingin mencoba Game Mode untuk diri Anda sendiri sebelum Pembaruan Pembuat Windows 10 diluncurkan musim semi ini? Microsoft merilis preview Windows 10 baru yang hari ini berisi Game Mode dan beberapa fitur game-centric lainnya, walaupun Anda harus menjadi Insider Windows untuk menginstalnya. Sementara Anda menunggu, saya sangat menyarankan untuk membaca wawancara di Rock Paper Shotgun dan PC Gamer untuk konteks dan rasa yang lebih dalam tentang Game Mode.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Reviews, Features and Heroes

Smartphone Game Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang is a game moba game application that users can play on Mobile like a legend game that is Dota. So users will feel the game like playing dota and playing online with other players who use this game to have fun and do double kill triple kill and rampage

Explanation of Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

How to play quite easy after the user download this application then the user will directly go into this application must login to google to store data into google play. After entering into the game the user will be given a tutorial first to how where ara play this application. After enough understanding then the user will be given to the main screen. To try online against other players. And users also have to wait for existing opponents before the game and then select a new hero that users can new users can perform pengkillan like dota play.

Features – Features Available On Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

Feature – a feature here is a menu that can be clicked by users to assist users in playing or using this game application, the features contained in this application for example is prep, hero, fight, bag, achievement, leadersboard and shop

Features of Legends Mobile App Prep: Bang bang

The prep feature is useless for the user to see in terms of the skill players that the user wants to play at the moment. This feature will be very influential when users play this game because in this feature the user can adjust how much damage when the user plays this game

Feature of Hero Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

The Hero feature is useful for users seeing what heroes users have in the game so that users can see what heroes are suitable for users in playing this game so that users can help their friends in fighting the enemy.

Features Legend Mobile Application Bout: Bang bang

The battle feature here is pointless for users doing the battle things that are available in this game. This feature also includes the main features in this game as it is a core feature for users to play this game application. Therefore the user can see the whole in features

Features of Legends Mobile Application Bag: Bang bang

The bag feature here is pointless for the user to see what items the user gets in this game which is useless for the user is in accordance with the ability of the item. So the usefulness of the bag is to store the goods – goods that get in the game

Leaderboard Features Mobile Legends Application: Bang bang

The Leaderboard feature here is helpful to see where your users are ranked. And here can also see ratings of other users who play this game. So it can be a pride if the user is ranked the top of this game and can share to the social media users have

Features of Legends Mobile Application Achievement: Bang bang

Feature achievement here is pointless to see what achievements in getting in this game application. So if users do something that is contained in this game application then the user will get the achievements provided in this application which will add xp from google play that the user has.

Features Mobile App Store Legends: Bang bang

The shop feature here is helpful for users to buy things and what heroes users can buy in this game to make users more choices in the hero that can be played. And so users do not get bored in playing this game

Tips and Tricks Mobile Legends Apps: Bang bang

The tip is to play continuously to train how to play in this app Trick is at the time of playing the user should be the right position at the time of play Because it determines how fast the user to avoid the opponent’s attack and attack the comrade.

According to Author’s Opinion About Mobile Applications Legends: Bang bang

For writers this app is a pretty good Moba app for the game lovers of moba and game lovers who berthemakan like dota game. Because this game is very visible almost similar to play and quite challenging to play for users who love challenge games


Legends Mobile Application Specs: Bang bang

Current version: (playstore) (Appstore)

December 4, 2016 (playstore)
Dec 05, 2016 (Appstore)

157 MB (Appstore)

Required Android version:
4.0.3 and higher

10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Rating: 12+

Video tutorial games mobile legends

Here are some of the most expensive Lego Series ever

Game news – Not only unique and fun to assemble and play, Lego also keeps a lot of stories stored in each collector. One of them is the Lego series with a pretty amazing price.

In the toy universe, Lego belongs to a fairly high caste among other toy brands. Having a lot of looks and variety makes Lego soaring into one of the favorite toys that no age eaten. Lego itself comes from Denmark and to date has 600 billion parts Lego sold worldwide.

The true Lego is the “unloading” toy that has various shapes and colors that can be shaped into millions of other more complex and complex forms. Lego itself has a variety of series, ranging from children to adults, simple series like Firefighter, House and Buildings, Space, Pirates, to a very complicated series such as Batman series, Pirates Carribean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and many others.

Among the various series, there is also a series series that has a high aesthetic value so crowned as Lego series is priced high enough, 5 of which are:

1 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon – £2,712 (Rp 59 Million)

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is a Lego set of 5,195 Star Wars-themed parts released in July 2007 and priced at $ 500.00. Inside include miniature Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia. The length of 84 cm, width 56cm, and 21cm height ligapoker88 make this series is one series that has a level of difficulty high enough in the assembly.


2. 2Cafe Corner – £2,096 (Rp 45,5 Million).

Café Corner is a modular form of building model of Lego which contains about 2.056 parts released in 2007. It is said modular because Cafe Corner can be released even though it is shaped intact building. This series consists of 3 minifigure, a cafe downstairs, and the hotel on the top floor. This series can be combined with Green Grocer, Market Street, Fire Bridge series, and many other series which if all together will be a unified module named Street Layout.


3 Taj Mahal – £1,848 (Rp 40,1 Million)

The Taj Mahal is an Exclusives Sculptures set released in 2008. Designed specifically for children ages 14 and older (usually Lego for ages 4 and up) and is the largest set ever made by Lego with a total of 5,922 pieces. Designed after the original Taj Mahal building located in Agra, India and built around the years 1632 to 1653, this set is devoted to display only and not for toys because of its enormous size and elegant features.


4 Death Star II – £1,524 (Rp 33,1 Million)

Death Star II is a lego part of Ultimate Collector’s Series Star Wars series released in 2005. Consisting of 3,449 parts Death Star II is made of quadanium steel and is divided into 2 hemispheres, which can be broken down into 12 zones. This model is based on a super weapon from the Star Wars Universe, named Death Star 2 900km in diameter, has all the features and advantages of Death Star I, and certainly more sophisticated and powerful.


5 Imperial Star Destroyer – £1,467 (Rp 31,8 Million)

Imperial Star Destroyer is a Star Wars set model released in 2002. It is still part of Ultimate Collector’s Series set, at that time Lego is the biggest model until finally shifted by Death Star II. This model consists of Imperial Star Destroyer and Mini Rebel Blockade Runner, Rebel Blockade Runner and Star Destroyer models can be used for their re-opening of the Star Wars Episode IV opening scenes: A New Hope. This whole model has 3104 parts.

This is the Strongest Builder Hall Structure in CoC You Can Use in TH3 and TH4

Game News – GameHere is the strongest Builder Hall setup in COC that you can design to strengthen the TH3 and TH 4 defenses you have.

Since its latest update, players can build their machine city at night. Different from the old building, now you will strengthen Builder Hall, which all the buildings back to level 1. Well, this time I will give you some of the strongest Builders Structure in COC that you can use to strengthen BH3 to BH4 that you have.

As we know before, the game system at night will be different from the COC game system in general. This time you will compete in real-time, so both teams will attack each other. Those who succeeded in giving the percentage of destruction to the Builder Hall composition of the enemy were the victors. Here is a composition of our strongest Builder Hall:

1 Builder Structure Town Hall 3

TH3 Difficult to Get 3 Star

The composition of this building does look open, but trap the player to use soldiers from the right and left side. The Hall Builder in this BH3 compound is surrounded by many defense buildings, forcing an opponent to use his entire army. But with the Crusher and Double Cannon, their troops will be easily defeated. You could say enemy attack can only survive up to 2 Stars only.


TH3 Funneling

In contrast to the above arrangement, this arrangement provides some miners inside the Wall, enabling enemies to do funneling before it can attack the main building. The advantage is that this arrangement makes it difficult for enemies using Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer to attack. But Boxing Giant can still be a threat


2. Builder Structure Town Hall 4

TH4 Difficult to Get 3 Star

The main axis of this formation is the Crusher that protects the Builder Hall very well. Of course this arrangement made the enemy send many suicide troops just to destroy Crusher first. The remaining soldiers will be wiped out by Double Cannon, Tesla, and a specially guarded Canon.

Guard Post is also able to outwit opponent soldiers, making them very difficult to finish off all existing buildings.


TH4 Funneling Trap

This arrangement forces the enemy to attack the open Hall Builder side and away from the Crusher. But they are not aware that there are many traps ready to finish off their attackers. Some miners will also give your defense time to finish them off.


TH4 Wall Funneling

This arrangement of buildings makes your enemies take a lot of time to do funneling. Of course this benefits you because the enemy will ligapoker88 need more troops to attack. Of course they will be difficult to level the composition of this base.

List of the most popular smartphone games in the country of indonesia in 2016/2017

Game news Now we will provide some info about the most popular Android Games in Indonesia in this discussion. The more modern today, who does not know about games or online games? What else games are provided free without any scent ^ _ ^. Today’s society is very much a hobby or love to play games, because the games are provided today is not only a filler of empty time for everyday, but can also be used as a vehicle to test the ability of gadget hardware that we have. Below are some of the most popular Android and IOS Game Listings in Indonesia You can also download or collect your favorite gadgets:

Mobile Legends is the first MOBA game in Indonesia that has the implementation of games system that is almost the same as League of Legends. In addition to giving the appearance of five-versus five bouts, games are developed by Moonton also provides a variety of heroes that you can choose. This game is very interesting and every gamers who play should work together to launch a strategy to destroy the opponent tower. If you are curious for games can download the application

This latest game that one managed to steal the public’s extraordinary attention in the eyes of gamers in the world. This game is often called COC which means Clash Of Clans, this game teaches players to be able to defend the territory of the enemy attack who want to take his property, Such as: Gold and Elixir. But the attack launched by the enemy is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand because here players are encouraged to design a strategy formation sniper, Curious about the game ?.

Games Get Rich is a newly released game and is also a newcomer to gamers-the world’s mobile gamers. If you still remember the childhood game of Monopoly, this get rich game seems to manipulate the game from paper games to mobile online game. In the game you can also collect ligapoker88 the region or country that has been provided by stepping in accordance with the dice listed. Want to know the fun of playing monopoly on your gadget ?.

If you like speed games, this game will test you for a little more thorough. Here you will be a running player to avoid the pursuit of the dog and his security guard by crossing the railroad tracks you pass through throughout the game. If you are curious please download the game directly for Free on Google Play or in the App Store.

The most popular game on Google Play is Candy Crush Saga, a game that this one has some kind of games that can be played. To be able to play every game that is in Candy Crush Saga this you must have the accuracy and a reliable strategy, this game can also be played even if it does not have internet connection / internet package ^ _ ^. Are you interested in playing and trying to test your level of thoroughness? Let’s just download the game.