Tips on How to Overcome Lag When Playing Online Game on PC

Online Game 100% WORK! Here’s How to Overcome Lag When Playing Online Game on PC. Have you ever experienced lag while playing online games on PC? Maybe some of you have experienced it. Nge-lag is the most annoying thing when playing online games, because it can just make a loss and decrease your popularity and rank in play. But you do not have to worry, because Jaka has a solution to overcome the lag you often experience.

How to handle it can be spelled bother easy, because the main factor why you experience lag when play-ing is a spec or your internet network is not adequate. Therefore here Jaka has provided tips for you to keep playing stable and smooth, curious how? Let’s see how to solve the lag when playing online games on PC.

How to Overcome Lag When Playing Online Game on PC

Step 1


In the tips this time, to overcome the lag you can use Leatrix Lately Fix software.

Step 2

Since the file you downloaded has a .zip file, you must extract it with an archive extractor app like Winrar.

Step 3

For the next step, you can open the file extension application (.exe) and install Leatrix Lately Fix to your PC.

Next, you just restart your PC and feel the change.

How? Easy really way to overcome the lag on the online game on your PC? Finally, hopefully useful yes! And do not forget to leave a trail in the comment field.

5 The World’s Most Famous Dota2, What’s Your Favorite?

Game Online Dota2 is one of the most popular MOBA games in the universe. Almost never replaced since the beginning of its appearance, this game has millions of players from all over the world.

However, if talking about Dota 2, of course we will also go to the hero in the game. So who is the most famous hero? Here are 5 Most Famous Dota 2 Hero.


Hero Dota 2 Most Famous

It feels ‘haram’ if we do not include the Juggernaut in this list. Not only his cool looks, he also has a useful ability for the game.

If you need a carry in the game, and do not know who to choose, Juggernaut is the right choice.

Because it can use many items effectively and less complicated skills, you can make it useful in games, even if you are not a pro.


The average hero Dota 2 has four skills, but Invoker has 14 skills. But in most of its use must use combo that you have to memorize.

Perhaps after hearing this, many players will avoid using Invoker, but if you keep practicing and competent in using it, it will certainly be a terrible thing.

Bright with the many abilities that he has, the players who can control it, would be very useful to win the game.


Sniper actually has always been a joke in the community of Dota 2. Sluggish and HP is thin enough, making it seem not so useful. But when he is ‘so’, he can issue a terrible attack.

If the enemy is dealing with a player who uses Sniper, he must choose a hero that can dispel the attack as well as his movement. Otherwise the game could have ended in shame.


Carry who has a really destructive attack, of course is Phantom Assassin. Although he also has a weakness against magic attacks, but he is often a popular choice of players around the world. Those of you who have characters playing with Power Attack can certainly maximize this hero, with 1 crit 1 kill.


An obnoxious butcher, his ability to attract opponents with chains like Scorpion characters from Mortal Kombat.

Pudge is often a troublesome figure and reluctant to be approached by other players, because of his annoying ability.

Once he gets the enemy he pulls, he will choke you with poison, which literally means eating you alive.

The final word

That’s 5 Hero Dota 2 Most Famous. So which hero is your favorite? Write in the comment field below yes!

By the way about Dota2, it turns out there are some heroes of the game is similar to one of the Android game is quite phenomenal. Yes! Especially if not 7 Paladin: RPG 3D Fantasy.

Hero-hero Dota2 with 7 Paladin-like characteristics include: Centaur, Lion, Shadow Fiend, Treant Protector and Queen of Pain.

List of the most popular smartphone games in the country of indonesia in 2016/2017

Game news Now we will provide some info about the most popular Android Games in Indonesia in this discussion. The more modern today, who does not know about games or online games? What else games are provided free without any scent ^ _ ^. Today’s society is very much a hobby or love to play games, because the games are provided today is not only a filler of empty time for everyday, but can also be used as a vehicle to test the ability of gadget hardware that we have. Below are some of the most popular Android and IOS Game Listings in Indonesia You can also download or collect your favorite gadgets:

Mobile Legends is the first MOBA game in Indonesia that has the implementation of games system that is almost the same as League of Legends. In addition to giving the appearance of five-versus five bouts, games are developed by Moonton also provides a variety of heroes that you can choose. This game is very interesting and every gamers who play should work together to launch a strategy to destroy the opponent tower. If you are curious for games can download the application

This latest game that one managed to steal the public’s extraordinary attention in the eyes of gamers in the world. This game is often called COC which means Clash Of Clans, this game teaches players to be able to defend the territory of the enemy attack who want to take his property, Such as: Gold and Elixir. But the attack launched by the enemy is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand because here players are encouraged to design a strategy formation sniper, Curious about the game ?.

Games Get Rich is a newly released game and is also a newcomer to gamers-the world’s mobile gamers. If you still remember the childhood game of Monopoly, this get rich game seems to manipulate the game from paper games to mobile online game. In the game you can also collect the region or country that has been provided by stepping in accordance with the dice listed. Want to know the fun of playing monopoly on your gadget ?.

If you like speed games, this game will test you for a little more thorough. Here you will be a running player to avoid the pursuit of the dog and his security guard by crossing the railroad tracks you pass through throughout the game. If you are curious please download the game directly for Free on Google Play or in the App Store.

The most popular game on Google Play is Candy Crush Saga, a game that this one has some kind of games that can be played. To be able to play every game that is in Candy Crush Saga this you must have the accuracy and a reliable strategy, this game can also be played even if it does not have internet connection / internet package ^ _ ^. Are you interested in playing and trying to test your level of thoroughness? Let’s just download the game.