3 Settings For Quota and Battery Android Smartphone More Powerful

Smartphone news – Tired of hell no longer fun-fun hanging out or again the way to where so, all of a sudden the smartphone battery runs out. Worse if you can SMS from the operator, your internet quota almost or already run out.

Actually you’re not alone you know, almost everyone who uses a smartphone must have felt it. Sure, there are many applications that claim to save battery and internet quota.

But, actually you do not need to install additional applications. Simply brain-tweaking the settings smartly, you can save internet quota and smartphone batery. Here’s the proof:

Smart Settings Can Save Internet Quota and Android Battery
1. Let Not Run Quotas, Enable Data Saver

Your smartphone already supports 4G connectivity and your area is also covered 4G network? You’re lucky, because the internet quota offered by operators on the 4G network is quite large.

But, if your smartphone is still 3G, you should really save Internet data packets. The reason, the quota provided on the 3G network is just a little and expensive too.

So for you 3G smartphone users or you are again the way to areas that are not covered 4G network, Data Saver feature is certainly really very useful. With this you can save data usage and can freely to determine which applications can get unlimited data access and limited data access.

By limiting the data of each application, the amount of data consumption will be adjusted according to the needs of each user. You can find Data Saver by going to Settings> Data Usage> Data Saver.

2. Let Smartphone Battery Durable, Enable Battery Saver

Smartphones today are more sophisticated yes, especially the front camera that make selfie more ciamik. But, if the battery runs out still not useful.

Fortunately there is already a battery saver feature called Batery Saver which is very useful. Once activated, Batery Saver akunqq.com will switch the smartphone to low power mode.

This setting will automatically dim the screen, turn off most background app activity, turn off location-based services, and more. You can find Batery Saver by going to Settings> Battery> Battery Saver.

3. With Mobile Manager, You Have Full Control

Especially for you ASUS Zenfone smartphone users, there is a cool feature that may be underestimated ie Mobile Manager. In it there is a data usage feature to control internet usage, you can even actually block the application to access the internet.

In addition, there is also a power saver to save battery, boost let smartphone performance is not slow, to mangatur permission application with ease.

The final word

Well that’s a smart setting that can save your internet quota and smartphone batery. You can adjust it with the circumstances, let not because the money did not run out because of buying internet data packet mulu and also saving battery at a certain time. What do you think?

How to Create Icon Download for Android App Campaign

Smartphone news Promotions made to introduce our application, can be done in various ways, one of them by installing the badge “Download” in our promotion. And maybe we are familiar with buttons that read “Get it on Google Play” or “Discover on Google Play”.

The image is an image that was inaugurated by Google for as a means of promotion of our android app. Getting a picture / badge is not difficult, just look at Google Image we can directly use it for the benefit of our campaign. However, Google has created a page that gives instructions for using badges while generating badges with high resolution and small file sizes.


Use of Google play badge has some tips that should be followed by the Developer. The following tips:

1.Never use old version badges.

2.Do not change background color badge

3.Do not change, remove or change the position of writing and icon in the picture.

4.Make sure the badge is not blurry and can be read clearly.

– Adjust the badge language according to the language when promoted.

– Badges / badges can only be used to foment content –
Available in google play.

– Use of Google play badge must go through review and approval by Google play partner brand if:
* Featured in television commercials.
* Outside marketing shop.
* Ad campaigns that reach 1 million views.
* To submit the marketing approval above, open this link.


How to Generate Badge Automatically

Creating a Google Play badge is very easy and fast. Here are the steps:

– Visit the Google Play Badges page.
– Scroll down to the “badge generator”
– In the Language column, match your application language. If your application speak “indonesia” then choose “indonesian”.

* In the Deliverable Type section, select Digital if the promotion is only through the internet / computer.

* If your app is already available on Google Play, then enter the app link into the Play Store URL.
* Done.

If you want to download the image, then press the blue “Download” button below the page.

If you want to directly use the badge, you can copy the HTML Badge to the right of the screen and pastekan diblog or wherever you want.

Similarly tutorial How to Make Icon badge Download akunqq for Android Application Promotion. May be useful.