15 Most Stressful Android RPG Games 2017

Role game or Role Player Game (RPG) is one of the genres of the game that many interested gamers. RPG itself is a game that the players play the role of fictional figures and follow the story that the game is displayed. In the past, RPG games can only be played on PC or PlayStation, but over the times, today’s RPG games can be found easily in the Play Store to be played on Android.

Various stories and excitement are offered by RPG games that can be played on smartphones. Here’s Jaka has a recommendation of 15 RPG games thrill for Android that guaranteed to make you nyesel if not download!

1. War of Rings-Cross Server Battle
The first exciting, thrilling, and endearing RPG game you miss is War of Rings-Cross Server Battle. This game has many unique game modes and game systems like free weapon system, free trade system, strong social system and so on. This game takes place in the world of creatures like elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, and cyclopses.

2. King’s Raid
This great graphic game invites players to create their own team against the evil bosses and powerful enemies. Of course not easy to defeat enemies so much. Need skill and timeliness to win. With fantastic stories and challenging battles, this RPG game is perfect for true gamers.

3. Soulcraft Action RPG
Players will act as a soldier to get rid of the killers and rid the city of crime. In this thrilling action game, the player is as if an angel who must face the devil and become a hero on earth. MobileBits GmbH as the owner of this game continue to develop to increase the satisfaction of the players.

4. S.O.L: Stone of Life EX
Oddy Arts offers a stylish RPG game that can be played offline. Stone of Life EX puts players in an endless basement. There are unlimited challenges for various tense missions. Players are challenged to get high scores with different tactics and strategies. There will be many enemies to be faced like powerful giants with deadly weapons.

5. Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest is an RPG game from Shiny Box that brings players to journey to find the best treasure and defeat all enemies. Good graphic design complements the excitement of the battle to be faced. This game really tests the skills and tactics and strategies to achieve victory.

6. Eternium
Game of Making Fun offers games with superb graphics. Players are invited to explore the dark caves and dungeons, forests, villages, and graves. A long journey to the moon to kill strange creatures between the crater and the valley. Players will undergo a thrilling storyline, full of intrigue, and an exciting fight.

7. Dungeon Hunter 5
More than ten million people have played this one RPG game. Players will act as a hero who fights against the bandits and monsters that cause terrible chaos and terror. Monsters, evil knights, demon minions, wicked magicians, and other enemies that can be found in various places with stunning game graphics.

8. Legend of Darkness
Legend of Darkness is one of the simple RPG game that is suitable to be played by beginners. As a hero, players must successfully kill monsters to reach the top level. Then kill the various types of bosses that hide in certain places. There are many tools that can be obtained from killing monsters that can then be used to kill other monsters and bosses to be eliminated.

9. Chroisen 2
Kingkong Games Inc guarantees players will get all the excitement of playing RPG games through Chroisen 2. After success with the first seris in 2009, Chroisen again invites players to participate in role playing with various characters and unique weapons. The player’s job is to kill the enemy with the weapons that he has earned. This game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and got a lot of appreciation from the players.

10. Iron Bladen-Medival Legends
Demon Lord Baal returns to try to claim this world. The player must be a hero to save all mankind from eternity in hell. Defeat the immeasurable threats by fighting the demonic army and eliminating the hordes of undead in Scotland and expelling the Vampire in Transylvania. This fun game has real graphics and intense battles.

11. Summoner’s War: Sky Arena
Summoner s War: Sky Arena becomes a fantasy RPG game full of action and battle for vital energy source called Mana Crystal. There are more than 1,000 types of monsters competing for victory. Every monster has amazing skills that you can choose to create a great team to get to Mana Crystal and win the battle.

12. Criticism: The White Knight
RPG game from GAMEVIL invites players to feel the adrenaline is exciting and really exciting. Players can choose to play characters with various strengths and advantages possessed. There are different game systems. Players can test the skill and ability to play RPG action game with Critica: The White Knights.

13. Broken Dawn II
Broken Dawn II offers an attractive, exciting, and thrilling battle. This role-playing game also has excellent graphics and a tense story.

With good gaming controls, players are tasked with eradicating new types of viruses that spread and infect creatures like humans and animals. As a result of this virus, monsters appear and players have to face the monsters in order to successfully eliminate the virus.

14. Aurum Blade EX
Aurum Blade Ex invites players to play the game character with an interesting visual, but with a thrilling action. The main task is to stop Duke Marduk who is the cause of the bad things that happen. This game has a fast game system with deadly weapons, thrill attacks, spells and controls that really test player skills.

15. Postknight
The thrilling RPG game for Android is the last Postknight. The game from Kurechi is designed to be fun, exciting and thrilling. Raises the story of a saint who served in a difficult and dangerous mission in the Grand Kurestal kingdom. There are many characters and enemies that will be encountered in the missions that run. An exciting adventure that is a pity to miss.

That’s 15 thrilling RPG games for Android. If you’ve ever played those games, which is roughly what you think most exciting and interesting to play ?.

FREE! This is 6 Most Popular Android Game Best Toll Rewards in Indonesia

Online Games Playing free games is not only useful for just entertainment, now the game players can also get something more useful again, one of which is a gift. Yes because now a lot of smartphone games that can be used as a source of income.

Gifts that can be obtained through the game was very diverse, such as getting a free smartphone, get gold, earn money and also get a free pulse from the game. And it’s all been proven original is not a ruse !. How are you curious about Android games that can generate free credit? Well here’s the list of games!

6 Game Android Berhadiah Pulsa Terbaik

1. Bajak Duit

as the name implies Bajak Duit will certainly bring his players as a hijacker. In this game you play a role as a robber who will be told to rob the other player’s possessions. As a Captain of the Sea you will be given a task to train soldiers then attack other players.

If you win the game then it will be rewarded. The prize of Pirate Duit game can you get how much money or free pulse. To be sure if you are diligent this game will make you get rich suddenly! Want to try?

2. Kolam Hadiah

Seeing from the name alone we can guess that this prize pool game will present a gift for its players. How to play it is also very easy, you just need to fish in the water, with an unexpected gift.

In addition to the fish in it is also provided a treasure that surely makes you increase the spirit of playing Game Swimming Gifts. To take the prize you are required to have enough tickets, then you can exchange through the menu in this game. The prize is free and there are other interesting prizes.

3. Cumaceban

Indeed from the name of this game is not possible because the title Cumaceban, but this game allows you can get rich quick! How to play is so easy you just have to complete the challenge available. The prize in this game is a big enough free pulse. In addition there are also other attractive prizes such as free smartphone and so on.

4. Domino QQ

If you try a different sensation of the game then it is imperative to try the game Domino QQ. Because basically the concept of this game is very good and the series, coupled with the interesting features provided, one of them is a feature exchange points. Points that you can exchange after reaching a certain amount that you can exchange to search for free credit.

The more diligent you play then the more gifts you will get. Moreover, this game is not too difficult.

5. Poker Time

If you’ve ever played poker game games before then Poker Time games are definitely not a difficult challenge for you. Overall it may be the same because the poker game in general remains the same, it’s just that Poker Time game requires a good strategy and concentration in order to win the game.

In addition to this exciting game has also been provided interesting prizes by the developer, you can get free pulse through this game, as well as other gifts more exciting options such as gadgets or other.

6. Domino 99

Domino 99 is different from other card games, you can say this game is easier because the concept of game play is very simple and traditional. This one game is not enough to rely on a brain, because this game is more often run to the luck factor, but even so it never hurts also you learn the basics of the game.

Game cards of this type can sometimes only play a maximum of 6 players in one table. You will be given 4 cards which you must combine into two pairs of values. For the greatest value on a card is 99. To get a free pulse of course you must win the game first.

That’s 6 games of Android with best free pulse prizes. If you’re the type of people who like to play games, then all of them take advantage http://akunqq.com of it to earn income, even if only pulse. You can try one of them if interested.

Here are some of the most expensive Lego Series ever

Game news – Not only unique and fun to assemble and play, Lego also keeps a lot of stories stored in each collector. One of them is the Lego series with a pretty amazing price.

In the toy universe, Lego belongs to a fairly high caste among other toy brands. Having a lot of looks and variety makes Lego soaring into one of the favorite toys that no age eaten. Lego itself comes from Denmark and to date has 600 billion parts Lego sold worldwide.

The true Lego is the “unloading” toy that has various shapes and colors that can be shaped into millions of other more complex and complex forms. Lego itself has a variety of series, ranging from children to adults, simple series like Firefighter, House and Buildings, Space, Pirates, to a very complicated series such as Batman series, Pirates Carribean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and many others.

Among the various series, there is also a series series that has a high aesthetic value so crowned as Lego series is priced high enough, 5 of which are:

1 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon – £2,712 (Rp 59 Million)

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is a Lego set of 5,195 Star Wars-themed parts released in July 2007 and priced at $ 500.00. Inside include miniature Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia. The length of 84 cm, width 56cm, and 21cm height ligapoker88 make this series is one series that has a level of difficulty high enough in the assembly.


2. 2Cafe Corner – £2,096 (Rp 45,5 Million).

Café Corner is a modular form of building model of Lego which contains about 2.056 parts released in 2007. It is said modular because Cafe Corner can be released even though it is shaped intact building. This series consists of 3 minifigure, a cafe downstairs, and the hotel on the top floor. This series can be combined with Green Grocer, Market Street, Fire Bridge series, and many other series which if all together will be a unified module named Street Layout.


3 Taj Mahal – £1,848 (Rp 40,1 Million)

The Taj Mahal is an Exclusives Sculptures set released in 2008. Designed specifically for children ages 14 and older (usually Lego for ages 4 and up) and is the largest set ever made by Lego with a total of 5,922 pieces. Designed after the original Taj Mahal building located in Agra, India and built around the years 1632 to 1653, this set is devoted to display only and not for toys because of its enormous size and elegant features.


4 Death Star II – £1,524 (Rp 33,1 Million)

Death Star II is a lego part of Ultimate Collector’s Series Star Wars series released in 2005. Consisting of 3,449 parts Death Star II is made of quadanium steel and is divided into 2 hemispheres, which can be broken down into 12 zones. This model is based on a super weapon from the Star Wars Universe, named Death Star 2 900km in diameter, has all the features and advantages of Death Star I, and certainly more sophisticated and powerful.


5 Imperial Star Destroyer – £1,467 (Rp 31,8 Million)

Imperial Star Destroyer is a Star Wars set model released in 2002. It is still part of Ultimate Collector’s Series set, at that time Lego is the biggest model until finally shifted by Death Star II. This model consists of Imperial Star Destroyer and Mini Rebel Blockade Runner, Rebel Blockade Runner and Star Destroyer models can be used for their re-opening of the Star Wars Episode IV opening scenes: A New Hope. This whole model has 3104 parts.