Mont Blanc Mont Blanc supercomputer from NVIDIA Technology NVIDIA

Tecnology Computer NVIDIA has introduced a new technology for workstations, known as Maximus, and will also introduce the first supercomputer with ARM-based CPU / GPU hybrid hardware. Maximus lets computers simultaneously handle interactive graphics and complex calculations required for rendering output.

This workstation system uses Quadro series graphics processing unit with Tesla C2075 companion processor. The integrated approach works automatically giving GPU computing to Tesla processors, while Quadro hardware can focus on graphics functions.

Aside from the new workstation technology that has been produced, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is said to be preparing to build the world’s first ARM / GPU-based CPU / GPU supercomputer using quad-core Tegra 3 and Cuda GPUs. The project, known as Mont-Blanc, aims to achieve four to tenfold improvement in energy efficiency compared to alternative supercomputer technologies.

Engineers working on the Mont-Blanc supercomputer project will try to build a fully functional prototype, followed by a next-generation supercomputer system. The team will also work to produce a portfolio of applications geared specifically to new ARM-based hardware